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Leather Brief Pouch With Zip

Genuine leather brief with front zip detail. Adjustable with buckles...


Leather Brief With Front Chain

Genuine leather string decorated with chain across front. One size with elastic...


Leather Brief With Open Front

Genuine leather brief with detachable front. Adjustable with buckles...


Leather Chastity Belt

Chastity belt with chain and padlock front...


Leather Chastity Brief

Chastity belt with two holes in crotch and padlock front. Adjustable...


Leather Collar And Chain

Genuine leather dog collar with chain. Adjustable with buckle...


Leather Corset

Genuine leather waist corset with side laces and zip at the back...


Leather Corset

Genuine leather boned lace-up corset...


Leather Corset with Cuffs

Genuine leather wide belt complete with scrotum ring and handcuffs. Adjustable with laces...


Leather Halterneck Top

Genuine leather top with buckle fastening front...


Leather Harness

    Classic fetish one piece made of black leather straps and connecting rings made of steel. With a guidance hook also called vaginal or anal hook.     The har..


Leather Hotpants

Genuine leather hotpants with zip and side laces...


Leather Open Bikini

Open bikini with chain detail, Genuine leather, adjustable with buckles...


Leather Pouch

Genuine leather male plain brief. One size with elastic...


Leather Skirt

Leather microskirt with zip...