Cock and Ball Bondage

Cock and Ball Bondage
Cock and Ball Bondage
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Ball Press Chamber

        Make your sub beg with the heavy steel Ball Press Chamber. Secure the removable ring around their scrotum, then place their balls into the hollow chambe..


Cadence Vibrating Silicone Urethral Sound

    The pulse and rhythm of this premium vibrating sound will certainly send him over the edge time and time again. Made of premium silicone so it bends within the body. This highl..


Chrome Ball Weights 8oz

    Come here.we have a little something we would like you to try. The Deviants Orb is a weighted piece that is sure to hold you captive with 8 pleasing ounces of weight. This chro..


Deluxe Flat Ended Dilator Kit

    This 14pc Deluxe Flat-Ended Sound kit is a great for kit for beginners or advanced users of urethral play. This kit contains 14 pieces of chrome-plated brass urethral sounds. T..


Donut Stainless Steel Ballstretcher 3cm

    3.69 cm (1.45-inches) (inside) diameter ball stretcher which and opens and closes to easily fit around the scrotum locked by the hex-key provided.    It adds 330..


Donut Stainless Steel Ballstretcher 4cm

    3.69 cm (1.45 inches) inside diameter ball stretcher which and opens and closes to easily fit around the scrotum locked by the hex key provided.    It adds 450g weight to ..


DPrimer Penis Plug

    This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight. The D Primer bends with the body and is contoured with ..


Hegar 8 Inch Urethral Sounds

The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with a full set of 8 sounds. Each sound has a different sized end, thus the set offers sixteen sizes, ranging from 3 French to 19 French. The purpos..


Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher

Maintain a pleasant tug on your balls or experience a tortuous extreme stretch with the fully adjustable Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher. With the two stainless steel rings side by side, place your balls ..


Inertia Flexible Silicone Cum Thru Penis Plug

Sensory play with comfort in mind. This pliable plug features stainless steel interchangeable head rings and a stainless steel tip. The shaft is hollow silicone, which bends naturally, affording comfo..


Lancia Stainless Steel Shaft Urethral Sound

The Lancia Shaft features a tapered tip and solid body for serious pleasure. The ease grip end allows for simple retrieval, and ensures the sound does not go in too deep. Gently spinning the exposed e..


Libertine Faucet Penis Plug

The Libertine Faucet Plug from Master Series the exquisite art of urethral play is taken up a notch with the addition of six sprinkler holes to keep you completely satisfied. This premium plug is made..


Locking Deep Throat Prince Albert Wand

Put your naughty boy on lock down with the Deep Throat Prince Albert wand The sinister design of this device lets you inflict delicious torture on your lover while you remain in full control of his pl..


Metal Penis And Ball Crusher

Get extremely kinky with this penis or ball crusher, for the lovers of CBT alone or with a partner. Loops provided for ball weights for added sensation...


Mortal Coil Urethral Sound

The Mortal Coil sound Master Series is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to increase pleasure. Progressive swells allow for added stimulation. Long and smooth, this sound is perfectly su..