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10 Function Hot Pinks Vibrator

Shop online for Hot Pinks Vibrator from California Exotic Novelties!Jelly soft with EZ touch controls, 10 functions of vibration, pulsation & Escalation.Shop for more California Exotic..


10 Function Remote Control Thong

Shop online for Remote Control Thong from CalExotics!"The perfect accessory for your little black dress". Stretch-to-fit sexy lace thong/panty with adjustable satin ties and a secret pocket for s..


10 Function Risque Tulip Vibrator

Shop online for Risque Tulip Vibrator from California Exotic Novelties!Seamless, sleek, and super slim. 10 intense functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Whisper quiet. State-of-the-..


10 Function | Clitoral Hummer Vibrator

Shop online for Clitoral Hummer Vibrator from CalExotics!The vibe has a unique gyrating clitoral scoop stimulator, so you can ensure that you're achieving maximum contact in all your most sensiti..


3 Piece Rubber Ring Set

Shop online for Rubber Ring Set from CalExotics!Enhance your erotic sensual satisfaction and performance with the sleek and discreet Rubber Ring Black 3 Piece Set. The trio of erection ..


3 Piece Silver Ring Set

Shop online for Silver Ring Set from California Exotic Novelties!Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. These rings are designed to get you hard and keep you there!Shop for m..


3 Way Double Dolphin Blue Penis Sleeve With Vibrating Bullet

Shop online for Double Dolphin Blue Penis Sleeve With Vibrating Bullet from CalExotics!Couple's favorite with 3-way arousal Soft, stretchy, and comfortable enhancer slips over the penis to add gi..


35 Function Rotator Masturbator

Shop online for Rotator Masturbator from California Exotic Novelties!It's a whole new sensation! Ergonomically designed masturbator with 120 non-jamming beads that rotate under a textured Silico..


7 Function Classic Chic Mini Vibrator

Shop online for Classic Chic Mini Vibrator from California Exotics!7 functions of vibration pulsation and escalation. Seamless soft finished shaft with velvet cote material. Easy to use push but..


8 Function Mini Classic Chic Wave Vibrator

Shop online for Mini Classic Chic Wave Vibrator from California Exotics!8 intense functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation .Silky smooth Satin Finish.Easy push-button operation.Shop for m..


Accommodator Dual Penetrator Black Dildo

Shop online for Accommodator Dual Penetrator Black Dildo from California Exotics!This is the ultimate dual penetrator!It is a slim, sturdy, life like dong with a dual support system for control a..


Accommodator Dual Penetrator Ivory Dildo

Shop online for Accommodator Dual Penetrator Ivory Dildo from California Exotics!This is the ultimate dual penetrator! It is a slim, sturdy, life like dong with a dual support system for control ..


Adonis EZ Grip Penis Pump

Pump of the Year! by the American Pumpers Association. Easy-to-use enhancement pump with EZ grip handle plus two interchangeable sleeves. Flanged cylinder with universal measures. Removable sleeve pro..


Advanced Executive Clear Vacuum Pump

Industrial quality cylinder with universal measurements.Removable, flexible Silicone air hose easily detaches while maintaining superior suction.Easy squeeze trigger handle.Quick air release valve.Ult..


Advanced Nipple Suckers

Nipple enhancers for increased sensitivity Superior suction Flanged design Phthalate free PVC Soft and pliable..


Calexotics: Toys for Your Sexual Pleasure

Our exotic online store is here to provide you with sex toy and sexual stimulants that could get you to have a

better experience at masturbating or having sex or in foreplay or after play. Calexotics are here to make

your experience a better one and provide you with something that you couldn’t have experienced ever.

Calexotics have plenty of brands on our website and our showrooms. We have all of that out here for

you and to make sure you have a great experience using them with your partner or by yourself alone.

Go through our products and get lost into a world driven by passion and lust for love and sexual

pleasure. Find out devices that you have never used before, find out devices that you don’t know how to

use. Find out about the plenty things you could find out there that could help you make a better person

of yourself without these enhancements and by yourself. Find the toys that could make you feel better

by yourself or even far better with a partner to play with. Find out the wild side of you. Find out the part

of you craving for the wildest sexual experience that you could ever have. Find out the best toys out

there among the full lot that can give you something worth your time.

Search from our collection and find the best that will suit your requirements and also suit your budget

and can also satisfy your sexual needs and also the sexual needs of your partner. And if not one, we got

toys here that can be used between a group of people. We have all kinds of those toys in here that could

give you what you want, how you want and the way you want it. With our wide ranging collection of the

variety of toys from the big range of brands out there, you’d have to go nowhere because we have got

all of them right here at this on hot place for you to go through. Now take a swipe from page to page on

our portal and find you have been searching for in a few clicks. Without any fuzz and without any sort of

puzzle. Find what you are looking for without any delays.

Calexotics got the best systems working it out to figure out the best suit for you and your needs. The

brands that Calexotics select from are among the top in the world and predominantly the US. So the

quality is quite top notch. Since the competition gets tighter every day, we’ve made the effort to sort

out the best from the best and make that available to you so that you can select your best option from

the best that we have to provide from the best brands out there keeping it alive since long back. Give it

a go and find the popular hot shots, the classic old schools and the dynamic new gens out here on our

shelves waiting for you to give it a shot.

Come find out your fantasies and try out new collections. Find something new? Go have a go at it. It’s

worth your while anyways and that we guarantee because all the toys that we have here on our shelves

are perfect in every way. If they were not perfect, they would not be on our shelves in the first place. So

you know how it is. You would never have to end up with a product that does not satisfy your needs

because we make sure that what we have here in our collection or in our stores are definitely among the

best of the best out there and any client wishing to experience any of the merchandise we have here are

entitled to having it their way and we do our best to make sure that our customers get what they need

and are never dissatisfied. This is one thing that keeps us going in the markets and one thing that always

keeps our quality up front. This quality that we maintain here is the reason for all the many great

business possibilities that we have opened up here. So that is what we have to offer you.

All the networks of best brands out there connected together to bring to you the best toys that you

could find out there to have one of the best experiences that you would have ever had all this time.

Experience the exotic and vibrant different flavors of toys and merchandise and materials that we got in


We have all sorts of toys and devices and enhancers and anything you could ask for right over here at

one place. For Her, we got Vibrators which include Massagers and Remote Vibes – the kind that you can

control – Stimulators, and Vibrators and Vibrating Panties. We also got Dildos which include Dongs and

Double Dongs. Then we have Bullets and Beads. Further on we got Anal toys such as butt plugs and anal

probes, Kegels, kits and strap Ons. Harnesses and probes and the likes. We also got Attire adornments

and jewelry and lingerie sets all for your liking and your passion. Get some of these and have a fun, wild

night. This is the deal we got here. All of them.

As for him, We have Butt Plugs, Dildos Probes in the Anal Toys section and then other Kits, masturbators

pumps, prostate and rings such as penis rings and penis extensions and further sensual attire.

As for couples there are great couple enhancers and wilder fetish toys. The list starts with attires and

ball gags through cuffs and restraints and goes on till eye masks and whips and Ticklers. Get a load of

these and know the wild side of lust and leisure.

The best sellers in the luxury section are the bullet vibes and the Kegel Exerciser. You could get this

more worked up to the next level with the Lubes and the Rings and also the vibrators that we got selling

right down under the luxury isle. This is out here on our shelves just for you. Just to make your day

better and to make your experience one that you’ll cherish each day. Get one of these, or better, get a

load of these and find passion and pleasure in your activities.

Further on through the Lubes section you’ll find yourself surrounded with different components that

help your partner and you achieve greater levels of pleasure, fun, love, and passion. The best sellers are

the Lubricants as always, who wouldn’t like to get rid of that friction. Here we got more than just

lubricants. We also got you covered with toy cleaners and oils. This could not only get your experience

better. It also makes sure that you always have a good time cleaning up afterwards. These solutions get

you covered on almost all aspects of your going at it. You could be safe and secure and worried less

about all the other things you might have to end up doing after you’re engaged in fun and pleasure and

passion and lust alike. Trust the fact that we got products here that can make your experience a whole

lot better, be it in terms of having fun or in terms of spicing things up or even terms of cleaning up later

after everything is over. We also got DVDs and Manuals that get you started on going through some

basic things that every starter might get confused about. Like I said. We got you covered about it all.

Everything. Among the other things that we got are Love Dolls and Water Systems that will make you

feel all the better, whether alone or if you got company.

California Exotic Novelties

Among the brands that we have to offer you are Amour by Jopen, Adonis, Appollo, Amour, Bendies,

Basic Essentials, Booty Call, Body and Soul, California Dreaming, Bound By Diamonds, Charisma, Callie by

Jopen, Classic Chic, Cheap Thrills, COLT, Coco Licious, DazzLED, Couture Collection, Dr. Laura Berman

Collection, Dr. Joel Kaplan, Eden, Eclipse, Emperor Dongs, Embrace, Envy by Jopen, Entice, Extreme Pure

Gold, Essense by Jopen, Foreplay Ice, First Time, Gyration Sensations, Glow-in-the-Dark, High Intensity,

Her Royal Harness, Hype, Hot Pinks, Impulse, Impress, Inspire, Inked, Jumpin’ Gyrator, Jack Rabbits, Kiss

Vibes, Key by Jopen, L’Amour, Kroma, Lighted Shimmers, Lia, Love Rider, Living Beyond Breast Cancer,

Luxe, Lust by Jopen, Mini Marvels, Magnetic Power Rings, Nipple Play, Miracle Massager, Optimum

Power, Opal by Jopen, Passion Pals, Packer Gear, Pocket Exotics, Pave by Jopen, Power Play, Posh,

Precision Pumps, Precious Metal, Risque, Red Hots, Sexy Little Panty Collection, Scandal, Silhouettes,

Shane’s World, Spellbound, Silicone Basics, Stroke It, Sterling Collection, Sue Johanson’s Royal Toy Line,

Studs, Support Plus, Super Strap, The Gripper, Tantric Collection, Triple Orgasm, Tiny Teasers, Utopia,

Up, Venus Butterfly, Vanity by Jopen and Vivid Raw. There are plenty other brands that we have for you.

If you’d only give it a good long look.

As Mentioned before, we have a very strict quality standard that makes sure that the products that we

sell off our shelves are tested against a variety of situations and a wider variety of conditions where its

endurance and hold may break up. We make sure that the products that we deliver to you are either

graded by top quality standards or do pass our own quality standards when tested. We put these toys

that we deliver to you through our custom variety of situations where its timbre and endurance are

tested against various factors. This makes sure that it holds well through the toughest situations and are

good for human use. This is done to ensure that you have the best experience with using toys that are

bought from our stores or also bought from our online web pages. This is done to make sure that you

will not have to worry about the different possibilities of risk or dangers pertaining to the use of some

toys out there or perhaps most toys out there if you are quite concerned about sexual safety.

We have you covered in a very secure and be sure that we got your back in the best of ways. We ensure

that you would not have to experience a situation where something went wrong, or a situation in which

something broke. Also in situations where something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to work or

any such situation that you could have. We have made sure things wouldn’t go bad and that the

products and merchandise that we sell are good to go in any situations and ready to be used at all times.

Nothing should keep you from having the fun of your lives if it is you alone or even if it is with a partner

or also a couple of partners.

The materials that the top brands and products over here use are quality stuff. Silicone toys are greatly

emerging into the market as it is known to be extremely body safe and safe for such use as sexual

activities. There also exist dildos and vibrators which are made of glass or such material which are bound

to give you a very pleasurable experience as it is really hard and doesn’t give away or even does not

bend so quickly and easily as the others. Among the other stuff that we have here are the devices and

merchandise designed for safety and security provided by brands that specialize in sexual safety and

concerns pertaining to that area. These toys are from brands that pay special attention to security when

indulging in sexual activity. These toys, or devices are specifically made for those out there who might

look at these toys at a skeptical point of view. Fear not, for we have the best and most secure of toys

that you could find anywhere.

We also have lubricants and cleaning solutions that help to keep your body and your toys clean and well

maintained at all times. This not only helps to keep it away from infections and germs, but also helps to

protect the kind of material with which the toys are made of. Often you might come across toys whose

surfaces have started to erode away or toys whose surface have started to break and tear. This might be

cause for irritation when you end up using such toys. This can also be harmful to the body depending on

the type of material with which the toys are made and the type of erosion or damage that the toy has

taken. Using proper toys of good quality and keeping it maintained with proper cleaning and disinfecting

can keep you as well as the toy safe and secure and away from damage and further such issues.

The care you take of the toys that Calexotics sell here also has a lot to do with how long you might end

up using the toys that we have here. So we also got manuals, we have DVDs, we got you covered with all

the how-to issues and questions that you might have regarding the storage and safe keeping of the toys

and all the merchandise that we have here for you. So now you know about how well we got you

secured from head to toe. Calexotics got your back from front to back. Calexotics got you from start to

end. Calexotics make sure that your experience is one of the best you’ll have and we make sure that

every interactive session you have with the products we have here are really quite a welcoming

experience and you wouldn’t get tired of looking after and caring for the products after they do their job

of caring for you and your partner.

Of the many products we have here a few reviews would do good for your interest. The Dazzle Xtreme

Thruster is a vibrator that is bound to bring fantasies, both enriching and thrilling to life. This is a very

powerful massager that has got vibrating functionalities. This sparkling, one-of-a-kind specimen brings

to you about 12 vibrations functions, and other four thrust functions that are definitely bound to shake

you down to your knees and another 4 functions for shaft rotations. This is to bring you a pleasure

experience meant for a lifetime. The thrusting tip, and the shaft with the ribs and the bunny tickler at

the end that flickers to deliver extreme stimulations. And by extreme, you could only give it a try to

understand what extreme means. Its reach for the skies kind of extreme.

This is one great G-spot vibrator and massager and an intense clitoral stimulator that has an awesome

touch pad controller which gives you a really customizable stimulation range with each of those

vibration being independently controllable. You also have access to the rotations and the up and down,

thrusting function of the toy. These custom hands-on controls on the device gives you control over the

kind of stimulation that you’d want yourself. Completely controllable to such an extent that you could

actually get exactly what you wished to have right there at your fingertips. There are a set of three rows

of beads that are non-jamming in nature and then a shaft which is extra slender and movements which

are quite multi-dimensional. These movements send powerful rumbling sensations and stimulations to

the internal hot spots. While this goes on inside, the external bunny teasers flicker outside and gives you

vibrations from the outside, completing your experience inside out. While you get indulged into extreme

sensations both from the inside as well as from the outside, the control panel facilitated with LED

lightnings give you control to the highest degree with the least amount of frustration. This will give you a

rich experience that is completely free of interruption from technical glitches and technical issues that

might lose your flow. The LED lights will also give you more comfortable control even in the darkest of

rooms that you might prefer.

While it goes without saying, the comfort of the client is of utmost priority for us and for our brands. We

look forward to delivering to you this quality and comfort of access and comfort of use so that you’d come back straight to us for better toys and devices that you’d like. Even toys that you might be looking

forward to or might have in mind. The premium quality toys are completely and uncompromisingly body

safe. This means that it will never let your body be in any sort of disadvantage because of the

continuous use that you might be exerting over it.

Most of the products are unscented and this also makes it possible for you to have toys that will not

develop any sort of foul smells upon continues use. It might also come to notice that unless you take

good care of the toys, it would not be on the top of its performance. So it always remains up to you and

the way you use it that the toy does well further on. Most vibrators use batteries, but there are also

those that run on power chords. However, it may be that they supply power to the toys you get, make

sure it gets enough of that energy and it’s sure enough to light your night up the way you expect from it.

California Exotics

So overall, the Calexotics Novelties does an exceptionally good job at getting your required pleasure at

the right spots and at the right times. You might not want to look anywhere else after you give these a

try. You’ll surely get used to the variety and diversity we have here at Calexotics. You might also want to

try out the tempt and tease game. This is a couple card game which is quite easy to play while being

very tempting. The objective of the game is to score higher. With that, I guess its best you form your

opinions with this.