Edible Treats

Edible Treats

Edible Treats

Explore our range of Chocolate Nipples, Dinner Willies, Blow Job Gum, Candy Bra, Candy G String, Candy Love Ring, Candy Nipple Tassels, Candy Posing Pouch, Candy Pussy Lollipop, Chocolate Body Paint, Gummy Cock Rings, Dick Lips Edible, Chocolate Body Paint, Strawberry Body Paint, Vanilla Body Paint, Buttercream Body Paint, Edible Undies, Jelly Boobs, Flavored Jelly Willies, Head Job Oral Sex Lotion, Liquored Gum, Male Edible Undies, Penis Pasta, Popping Oral Sex, Cherry Candies, Green Apple Candy, Popping Strawberry Candy, and many more from well known Brands like: Hott Products Unlimited, Spencer and Fleetwood, PipeDream, My Joy Collection, System Jo and more.

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After Dinner Nipples

8 Plain Chocolate Nipples filled with mint fondant. After dinner will never be the same again with these great tasting novelty chocolates...


After Dinner Willies

8 Plain Choclate Willies filled with mint fondant. After dinner will never be the same again with these great tasting novelty chocolates...


Blow Job Fruit Flavored Pecker Gum

Blow Job takes on a whole new meaning with this new Pecker Shape Blow Job Gum!This great tasting pecker shaped gum comes in great tasting assorted fruity flavours and will allow you and your friends t..


Candy G String

With around 330 fruit-flavoured candy pieces, this sweet and sexy g-string is the perfect after dinner pudding...


Candy Love Ring

Sex up the bedroom with a delicious naughty treat. A set of three love candy love rings...


Candy Nipple Tassels

2 nipple tassels made of candy and have special adhesive stickers to apply to the body..


Candy Pussy Lollipop

Cheeky lollipop in the shape of a pussy and made of sweet candy...


Dick Lips Edible Gummy Cock Rings

Pucker up and get ready to suck with the great tasting Dick Lips edible gummy cock rings.Made from great tasting fruity flavoured gummy candy.These great tasting stretchy gummy lips easily slide on to..


Edible Body Paints

Four delicious fruit flavoured body paintsContents, 4 Fruit flavoured edible paints, stencil and paintbrush.Flavours - Passion Fruit - Cherry - Pina Colada - Strawberry..


Edible Luscious Cherry Flavour Body Pasties

Edible body pasties made into fun shapes. Enjoy them as mouth-watering nipple treats. Moisten the back to stick them on, then enjoy licking them off...


Female Edible Undies

You can eat all of your Edible Undies garment and the candy strings as well. The more you lick Edible Undies the better they taste, so lick well before eating...