Extreme Body Art: Skin carving (Warning: Graphic content)

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Extreme body art made by intentionally scarring the skin using a sterile knife to cut out the flesh.


SKIN CARVING, in other words SCARIFICATION. Some of you might be wondering why these kind of things actually happen but this technique dates way back thousands of years ago as tribal rituals in Africa, New Guinea, New Zealand and in the South Pacific areas. I'm sorry, but Yes! We are humans and we do crazy things!


The procedure goes similar with getting a tattoo where the area of torture (we'd like to call it that) is properly cleaned, the design stenciled, and finally outlined by literally carving off the stenciled area with such art. Just because we can do it!


SAFETY TIPS: You decide you're the cutting edge and you want to try.... we do recommend you to STOP!!!! do research first and be sure to educate yourself! Inform yourself about its consequences, and know how to prevent or cure infections, just in case! This article will be very helpful, so read on...

Although the process looks painful, some fans claim it hurts less than a normal tattoo.


But scarification leaves an open wound afterwards, which can be extremely sore and can lead to severe infections and diseases.


The grotesque fad is very popular in Canada.

HEALTH RISKS: 1. It is a fact that very few artists are able or willing to perform this, so make sure to have a professional do it. There's a certain depth to carve the skin, and the unskilled hand could easily cut too deeply... Injuring the nerves.


2. Scars and tattoos expose you to the risk of infection. Any procedure that breaks the skin exposes it to bacteria and viruses that's why proper aftercare is important! There could be blood-borne diseases (like Hepatitis or HIV) or abscess formation (yikes!) from unsanitary equipment or improper aftercare.


3. There's no sure way to tell what it will look like. Scars, unlike tattoos, are unpredictable. Your skin heals on its own unique way.








4. Nothing can be done with scars to cover it up. So if you want it on yo

ur face, better make it good.


So what do you guys think?! WOULD YOU RATHER GET A TATTOO OR TRY SCARIFICATION? Share your experiences!


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