Anal Sex Myths

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Anal Sex Myths


Anal sexual intercourse is not a table talk for most people. It’s a taboo to many people because anal sex is surrounded by a lot of myths which are untrue. Let’s clear some of these misconceptions.


1. It’s painful:  The anus has a sphincter muscle which can relax and contract to make a painless penetration possible. All you need to do is relax this muscle. However, you must maintain communication with your partner at all time. You must let your partner know when you feel any discomfort.


Don't forget the lube. If you don’t lubricate your anus, you’ll experience some pain. A water-based lubricant will do. Avoid any other over-the-counter oils. Begin small most possibly with your finger before inserting anything which is bigger. Use a lot of lubricants and maintain communication. The anus has several nerve endings. You’ll, therefore, feel a sensational pleasure and not pain.


2. It’s unhygienic:  It’s construed that you’ll poo when you engage in anal penetration. The anus doesn’t store feces although you may find some of its traces. You may overcome this by maintaining good hygiene, relieving your bowels regularly, and cleaning the anal area. The act may not be 100 percent clean. However, it will be something that a quick rinse or condom can solve.


3. It’s unsafe: Vaginal, oral, and anal sexual encounters can spread diseases although vaginal penetration is less risky compared to anal. However, responsible sex can reduce such risks. A condom can limit exposure, and a lubricant reduces injuries to the anal walls. It’s all about taking precautions.


4. It can cause irreversible injuries.: It's a misconception that anal sex can cause the sphincter muscle to lose its elasticity. The damage may lead to involuntary movements of the bowels. The anus has similar properties to that of a vagina. It retracts to its original form after sex.


5. It's only sluts who engage in anal penetration: Embracing your sexuality doesn’t make you a slut. The notion is stigmatizing and baseless. If that true, then lesbians should also fall in the same category. Once perceived as a taboo, anal sexual intercourse is slowly becoming a norm. An act embraced by several websites and magazines. Humanity is free to embrace sexuality for pleasure without feeling prejudiced or stereotyped.


6. Only prostitutes and gays enjoy anal sexual intercourse: As stated earlier, anal penetration is pleasurable to men and women who aren’t gay or sluts. Several men out there experiment with sex with men’s and women’s booties. Irrespective of their sexual orientation, all women and men may find the act pleasurable.


7. It will result in boring sexual life: Don't listen to this kind of nonsense. A good sex life is all about compatibility. You must also be secure with your partner. Contrary to this belief, an anal encounter can spice up your sex life.


Although anal sex is considered a taboo, it’s slowly becoming a norm. It can spice up your sex life and strengthen your relationship. The common myths about anal sexual encounters are untrue. The misconceptions aren’t factual but based on ignorance. It’s an act that worth exploring for that extra sexual pleasure.



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