How to Have Anal Sex?

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How to Have Anal Sex?



With the prevalence of butt pop culture references, it is apparent anal sex has grown in popularity since the ladies of sex and the city first broached the subject. A type of sexual activity that involves the anal region, anal sex has become increasingly common both among heterosexuals and homosexuals. Currently, more than 20% of men ages 25-49 and females ages 20-39 engage in anal sex. Whether you are contemplating engaging in the activity for the first time, or you just require additional information on how to enjoy anal sexwhile staying safe, this page will help address your questions.



Contrary to common perception, anal sex is actually not limited to penetrating the anus using just the penis but could also mean using toys or fingers as well. Popularly referred to as alarmming, the tongue could also be used to stimulate the anus and can be delightful for some in their own right. Consequently, anyone can enjoy anal sex, regardless of whether male, female, straight or gay and whether they are giving or receiving it. The advantage of anal sex for men, unquestionably, is stimulation of the prostate gland, an erogenous zone which fills with fluid when aroused and when appropriately prodded can precipitate as well as enhance an orgasm. On the other hand, the pressure exerted inside the rectum stimulates the inner ends of clitoral nerves in women, getting them off. 



Some actually thrive on the excitement and arousal from exploring unchartered territory (anus), which coupled with actual external and internal sensations may help them climax. As studies indicate women who incorporate a variety of sexual behaviors into their sexual routine are more likely to cum, massaging her clitoris during anal sex is a sure way to help make her orgasm lengthy and remarkable.



Unlike the vagina, the anus lacks its own lubrication, which makes lube essential for the finger or penis to maneuver freely and prevent damage to the interior of the anus. When engaging in anal sex, make use of plenty of lubricant and penetrate just a little. Only after your partner has indicated she is ready and comfortable should you penetrate a bit further then pull out once more. Continue with this routine until you are completely inside the anus, but exercise caution and be ready to stop at the slightest hint of any inconvenience to your partner.



A form of sexual intercourse, it is imperative to protect yourself against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV when engaging in anal sex. Seeing as the lining of the anus is thin and susceptible to damage, it is more vulnerable to infection. This basically means that if you're the receptive partner, you face a higher risk of infection from unprotected anal sex. While the risk for the insertive partner is relatively diminished as compared to the former, HIV can still enter through the opening at the base of the Penis. For penetrative sex, ensure you use protection as well as loads of lube for both the penis and any sex toys employed during anal sex. Avoid any situation whereby both anal and vaginal fluid mix, as small amounts of faeces from anal sex could transfer to the vagina and result in urinary tract infections.



Although it can feel strange if your new to the experience, the ideal method to explore anal sex is to start slow, with touching and caressing to familiarise yourself with the idea. While many people enjoy anal sex, quite a number would rather not deviate from the more traditional sexual experience. It is thus crucial to communicate with your partner and establish whether anal sex is really for you.



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