How to milk your prostate for the ULTIMATE male prostate orgasm, try prostate milking!

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How to stimulate your prostate for


the ULTIMATE male prostate orgasm,


try prostate milking!



Plenty of you guys twist your head when the topic of prostate play comes around and we get it!
Who doesn’t want to feel and experience the orgasm of all orgasms and a series of moments so intense, it redefined the meaning of getting off!


Some of you might learned how to massage own prostate, but sexual pleasure can be achieved  by few and actually fewer get to master the power of prostate milking.



Question is: Can a man massage his own prostate?



Off course! And there are a lot of ways to do it!

Actually prostate milking/massage depends on your level of knowledge and the opening of each individual to discover himself.



Read further to find out how to massage your prostate



Common questions about the topic:


What is prostate milking/massage?


How to do internal prostate play


How to do external prostate play


Will I get an erection?


Will I have a prostate orgasm?


Will I really be able to have multiple orgasms?


Should it make me cum?


How do I play safe?


Is anal douching necessary?


Will I need to use lube?




First of all let’s find out what is prostate milking!




In order to understand terminology of prostate milking/massage we need to know what P-Spot is.


P-Spot or male G-spot it’s a man’s anatomy and sits inside the anus. These terms are often used to indicate one of the many male erogenous zones.


In order to discover yourself and find the male P-Spot, you guys need to free your mind and explore on your own first of all and experiment with different movements like jiggle, circle, tap and stroke to keep the body guessing until the sphincter muscle relaxes and you are able to, slowly, push your index finger inside, but this we will discuss later.


Male Prostate massage, in general, it’s a basic and relatively simple process that involves app applying light to moderate pressure to the prostate gland. The prostate gland can be easily reached through the sphincter through your anus.


This gland is placed usually about two finger knuckles deep and rests on the anterior side, toward the front of the body.


Now that you know where the prostate gland is situated you just need to find the right spot and slowly reach it and start to massage it.
Massaging your prostate gland can be a tricky part, but helping your prostate will stimulate erection, will give you an awesome ejaculation and can make you have one of the best male orgasms.



How to do internal prostate play:


Prostate stimulation finger



This way you can stimulate your prostate in one of the best way to milk your prostate.


It involves inserting a finger into your rectum and we assure you this is the ONLY way to get a full prostate stimulation milking and reach male prostate pleasure.


Don’t rush judging that your anus is dirty or you need a lot of prep work for this.


First of all you can try this method in shower, for your peace of mind, with hot water, get relaxed and explore yourself.









If you still want to be sure that everything is clean and ready for prostate massage play you can use plenty of Antibacterial Cleaner, Cleaning Kit, sprays and other Personal Hygiene items which you can find HERE.


If you are trying to give your prostate a massage outside of the shower, we recommend also using plenty of lube which you can find HERE.

Either way you should check our products, don’t go cheap! Your orgasm will tell you the same when you are making the right choice! Make the entire experience easier and safer.


You should avoid touching your penis during prostate milking, there are several risks of infection doing that.


With practice you can experience multiple orgasm, yes men can have multiple orgasm too!



Another way for internal prostate play is by using Prostate Massagers Sex Toys



If you do not mind the thought of using a sex toy and you feel free to jump at inserting objects into your anus, this prostate stimulation milking way is GUARANTEED for male prostate orgasm.


When “reaching the level” for using prostate massagers sex toys there are few things that stands in your way to reach orgasm or multiple orgasms.

Using personal massagers the few differences are what make you feel confy, shapes, sizes, colors etc. Think about it! There are several products that are pure science made exclusively for stimulating p-spot/g-spot, in other words prostate milking.


Even if it’s a tough decision to pick one of the best sex toys for prostate massage we can only recommend this NEXUS REVO 2 one of the best prostate massager.


The Nexus Revo 2 brings you combined pleasure of prostate and perineum stimulation, the ones that you never experienced before!


It includes an autonomously pivoting head that offers a profound, exact prostate back rub for out-of-this-world climaxes.


An outer arm with a raised knob surface invigorates your perineum while the 2 turn rates and 3 ground-breaking methods of vibration breath life into the silicone massager for a considerable length of time of prostate delight.


Similarly as all anal toys, you need a generous helping if anal lubricant before using the toy through your back door.


We won’t lie this isn’t a cheap sex toy, but it's worth it!


If you want to try other sex toys prostate massagers you can find them HERE.



How to can you massage your own prostate?



First step – Make sure you have plenty of time because is not a quick process


Make sure there won’t be any interruptions, or if your partner it’s ok with this she can help!

This may even be more exciting and obviously will be the moves he made and not you.


Turn off your phone TV or other sources which can distract you. Focus solely on you!


Second step – Clear your mind and relax your body


As we said above you can start doing a shower, relax yourself, take the time and wash your body from head to toe, especially the area of your butt and you can try doing deep cleaning into your rectum.


Go to go to a place you like and where you feel comfortable as a couch, bed, carpet etc., maybe you can play some music.


Lay yourself on a side, pull the knee of your upper leg, the one on top, up toward your chest or stay on your back and pull both knees to your chest as missionary position.


Start arousing your bum and apply a generous amount of lube both the finger or toy and your butt hole.

Now you know how to have prostate fun by stimulating your own prostate with the finger.


The prostate toy will probably feel uncomfortable at first touch and it may be hard to get in, but this is the moment where it’s important to relax, and wait for a moment, and then try again.



How to do external prostate play



This method is another way you can stimulate your prostate gland, but you need to take in consideration that may not be the best option for you to self prostate milking as using a prostate stimulator.

Trying self prostate milking as external way it’s much harder since, in your way to prostate gland, there is way too much skin and tissue between outside of the body and gland.


If finger penetration or the use of a prostate massagers sex toy using anal penetration does not seem to be a great idea to you, good news are that prostate can be activated from the outside of your body by applying pressure to the perineum.



Prostate gland is situated in the area often called taint. You can identify it by feeling the place like two pieces of skin have been glued together.


One the best ways to massage your prostate gland is using three fingers so you can apply enough pressure on spot, while the middle, index and ring finger will circle clockwise the spot with a firm, but gentle pressure.


As we mentioned earlier this three finger prostate gland massage it’s a difficult way to achieve male orgasm, however it does feel good and can warm you up for an internal massage.



How does it feel?



All we can say is that if you are open to prostate massage, you should try it.


Whatever we say, is not of great relevance because each individual lives different emotions at different intensities and off course depends on your experience.




Will I get an erection?




Perhaps, but maybe not. Each person is unique. Some guys get a unreal hard boner each time they have a session. In any case, some folks revealed that they don't get erect by any stretch of the imagination. Keep in mind that nothing is unusual here. Prostate delight has nothing to do with having an erect penis.




Will I have a prostate orgasm?




If you are going do everything as above, yes you will have a prostate orgasm.

It could take you days or even months of practice to achieve a perfect prostate milking, until you master the technique.

Thought as we told you already sex toys can really make the difference!


Everything depends on your body and your patience. Patience is the key.



Will I really be able to have multiple orgasms?




Yes, you can! If you did not know yet multiple orgasm are not just for women’s.

With little help, practice and patience you will master the proper technique, men can make a dream become reality and even you don’t need to wait between orgasms!




Should it make me cum?




This is an often question brought up. Actually because prostate gland has nothing to do with penis and scrotum, the answer is no. BUT once you master techniques you can play with your penis and scrotum and this can also make your mind clearer.


Combine this two and you can cum in such loads that can freak you out!




How do I play safe?




Prostate milking is one of the sexual activities where safety and cleanliness are very important.

In order not to have any infections we recommend a well cleaned bum either in shower or other sexual toys designed especially for cleaning.


Also if you are going for internal prostate play don’t go too rough with fingers or toys because that could cause tearing inside the rectum and this is something that you really want to avoid.




Is anal douching necessary?




A lot of men are nervous about playing around the rectum. Maybe they don’t feel that is the right thing to do, maybe they fear poo is going to leak out on a finger, toy or will dirty the linen and let’s face it…this can happen since we are speaking about butts.


Stay calm, everything has a solution.


If you really want to avoid these situations, you can always get some help from anal douche to clean up your bum.




How do I do it?




It’s easier than you think!


There are several sex toys that you can use them as a tool:



If you really want something advanced for superior hygiene we recommend you Colt Advanced Shower Shot Enema Kit. It has universal adaptor with permanent directional valve allows user to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to the Advanced Shower Shot.





Futher if you need something more simpler you can go for a Red Rinser Enema which is around 30$ in our store. Just fill the bulb with water and squirt it through the nozzle for direct freshness.





If you want to go cheaper than that go for Clean Stream Enema Bulb, it’s about 10$. Is a great option to those looking for a quick and easy fix and perfect for travel and cleanup is a cinch.





Will I need to use lube?





Absolutely! We totally recommend using best quality lubricant, both on your fingers or sex toy and your rectum. As said before you can find them HERE.




Our verdict?




Nothing, absolutely nothing stays in your way of your sex life and your satisfaction!


Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and we are always here to help in any best ways possible.



Just remember! Patience is the key and practice makes perfect!


Happy prostate milking!


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