Gags, Bits and Bondage Accessories

Gags, Bits and Bondage Accessories

Gags and Bits sex toys for man and women.

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Bare Bondage Vinyl Ball Gag

Transparent ball gag. Fully adjustable nickle free hardware. Non-staining body safe vinyl. Breathable ABS ball gag. Unisex design and compatible with all Bare Bondage accessories...


Black Padded Mouth Gag With Breathable Ball

Ball gag with padded straps for comfort and velcro back fastening to ensure the perfect fit.The ball gag is breathable and measures 45mm diameter...


Bone And Gagged Silicone Dog Gag

Two adjustable 12 inch straps with buckles attached to silicone bone shapped gag. The gag is about 6 inches in length with a 1 inch thickness. Padlock not included..


Doppleganger Silicone Double Mouth Gag

Force your slaves to become intimately acquainted! This double mouth gag keeps all your favourite things in one place, with a single silicone ball for your playthings to share. The dual strap design w..


Gag With O Ring

Black leather gag with a solid "O" ring of leather to keep the mouth open. The straps ae adjustable for sizing...


Gag With Smile Hooks

Black leather adjustable strap with metal hooks designed to fit into the corner of the mouth to force a smile...


Horsebit Mouth Gag With Reins And Ears

Bondage Play silicone horse bit with leather reins and ears. This cosplay mouth gag closes with 2 belts on the back of the head by a metal buckles...


Inflatable Butterfly Gag

Place the gag into their mouth, and let them know that they are going to be quiet for a while. If they have even the slightest bit of disbelief, start squeezing the pump. The gag will inflate inside o..


Inflatable Gag With Dildo

Made to serve two functions at once, this Inflatable Gag with Dildo will surely make things interesting. The inside part functions as a mouth gag that once securely put on, can be inflated. After the ..


Leather Ball Gag And Head Harness

Genuine leather Gag with rubber ball and head strap, adjustable with buckle...


Leather Gag With Studs

Genuine leather gag with soft lined mouth piece, adjustable with press studs...


Leather Gag With Urine Tube

Genuine leather gag with urine tube, 35 mm, adjustable with buckle...


Leather Gag With Wooden Ball

Genuine leather gag with wooden ball...


Leather Gag With Wooden Ball And Headstrap

Genuine leather gag with wooden ball and head strap, adjustable with buckle...


Classic Gags-and-Bits –Best Tools for Orgasmic Bliss and Euphoria

Humiliation is not pleasurable but it makes someone more oppressed and subordinate. You need schooling to become sociable. However, the different ambiences in BDSM playroom will give you spell of surprise. Why are you tortured by master? She is arrogant with dare devil temperament. But she is more acceptable to you for erotic shots. You are helpless to her hands. She will kiss you for titillation.  Love is something wild. Nurture your beast to stand for exploiting someone you desire for bed sharing. Gags and bits tools will bounce your erotic feel. She wants more dashing sexual exploration. It is you who are strong to fulfill her dream. Check the latest versions of ergonomic gags and bits devices including the full scale restraints kits.

Flexible Gags-and-Bits for Awesome Sexual Fun and Thrill

Qualitative soft silicon ball for gagging and biting is biodegradable. The ergonomic embroidery and design of the BDSM device must be a work of art.  A woman who is thirsty for cock licking is pleased to bite the ball made of environment friendly materials like silicon. The buckle or leather strap with the ball is used for fastening purpose. Wear the gag and bit tool to start the funny game in your playroom. The double buckle closures including clasps ensure the prevention of the sudden ball slippage. The chance of ball displacement is low due to the good fastening system. The qualitative smooth collaring device is not rough and tough for a sophisticated woman.  She experiences the gradual change in her taste. Her innocence has been transformed and replaced with a new range of excitement. She is wild but this type of barbaric exposure is always unforgettable. The adjustable buckles will enable you to reset the size of the gagging system. This is the perfect BDSM jewelry for woman. The ball diameter is 1.7'' with full length: 25’’, and adjustable from 16'' to 22' in your convenience. When Lucy bought this cock ball for experiment, she was tensed. She was a beginner. She had curiosity as she wanted to know more deeply about the orgasmic pleasure. Adult toys are sold in open market. Her regular browsing on Google brought new link to open the BDSM stores to have a look at the high priced sex toys. Then, she moved to search for cost efficient generic versions which are similar in look and features. The trill is not limited. She read the instructions online and invested 2 hours for checking the demos before performance. The celebrity online sucks a big size cock ball with her tongue.  She speaks in hushed up tone. Her “wowo” and “uuufs” expressions vibrate to drill her ears. She touched the silicon balls and did the needful. It was a 30 minute long expedition which taught her many secrets to forbidden love. Now, she is a regular buyer to cross check updated stores stuffed with tons of classic BDSM devices. Non staining stainless steel body of the gag tool is smooth for her to suck the up the silicon balls. Her throat is not cracked or broken due to the constant gagging. It is enjoyable.

Increase Your Erotic Encounter

The erotic acquaintance with your partners is reinforced through gags-and-bits with double frames strapped together. You have two middle size silicon balls for non-stop licking. If you have multiple sex partners, join the group and share your double mouth gag toolkit. The luxurious smooth faux leather straps are not tough for constant ball sucking. It is durable and adjustable too. In the online storefront for buying adult tools is offering nice dual mouth gag with double balls for slaves. Be a good slut and proceed for enjoying the night with your fiancé. It is the day for charm and unlimited fun.  

Top Classic BDSM Gag-and-Bits

  • Bare Bondage Vinyl Ball Gag
  • Bone And Gagged Silicone Dog Gag
  • Doppleganger Silicone Double Mouth Gag
  • Gag With O Ring
  • Gag With Smile Hooks
  • Horsebit Mouth Gag With Reins And Ears
  • Inflatable Butterfly Gag
  • Inflatable Gag With Dildo
  • Inflatable Latex Balloon Gag With Pump
  • Leather Ball Gag And Head Harness
  • Leather Gag With Studs
  • Leather Gag With Urine Tube
  • Leather Gag With Wooden Ball
  • Leather Gag With Wooden Ball And Headstrap
  • Leather Horse Bit Gag And Reins
  • Leather Horse Bit Gag And Rei

BDSM gags-and-bits tools are easy to maintain. Portable bondage toolkits have a number of ultra modern glossy restraints to enhance the restoration of the orgasm. Definitely, you must be a master to have immense expertise in stimulating your sex partner. Undoubtedly, this sophisticated gag and bit device encourages you to accelerate the natural libido. It must be a great bondage accessory for wild euphoric stimulation and fun.  All brand BDSM tools are hygienic and harmless to partners. You must have no skin infection issues as well. However, it depends on your decision to buy any BDSM tool from the online store.  You must not overlook the quality assurance. Then you must be a good decision maker.