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Icicles 29 Hand Blown Glass Massager

ICICLES 29 HAND BLOWN GLASS MASSAGERDESCRIPTIONThe Sex toys are great ways to spice things up in the bedroom, giving you that sexual excitement you need and orgasm you desire. The Icicle 29 Hand Bl..


Icicles Gold Edition G04 Glass GSpot and PSpot Stimulator

ICICLES GOLD EDITION G04 GLASS GSPOT AND PSPOT STIMULATORDESCRIPTIONExperience the deep satisfying orgasm that comes with Gspot and Pspot dildo stimulators. Edition G04 of Icicles gold GSpot and PSpot..


Icicles Gold Edition G05 Glass Vibrating Probe

ICICLES GOLD EDITION G05 GLASS PROBE STIMULATOR DESCRIPTION Icicles Gold H05 probe is much more than a pleasure toy, it’s a piece of art, crafted of hand-blown glass.Cleverly curved to hit ..


Icicles Gold Edition G10 Glass Anal Probe

ICICLES GOLD EDITION G10 GLASS ANAL PROBE DESCRIPTIONFor mind-blowing anal sessions, Icicles old edition G10 anal probe is perfect for butt play. This luxurious glass probe, made by Pipedream, ..


Icicles Gold Edition G12 Glass Small Butt Plug

ICICLES GOLD EDITION G12 GLASS SMALL BUTT PLUGDESCRIPTION The Icicles gold edition G12 glass small butt plug is a luxurious sex toy, with sophisticated gold colored finish. Icicles go..


Icicles No 70 Purple Glass Dildo

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to p..


Icicles No. 13 Glass Anal Plug

ICICLES NO. 13 GLASS ANAL PLUG DESCRIPTION The Icicles No. 13 Glass Anal Butt Plug is a designed from a crystal clear glass by Pipedream and features two bulbous curves that ensure maximum..


Icicles No. 14 Glass Anal Plug

ICICLES NO. 14 ANAL PLUGDESCRIPTIONIcicles No 14 anal butt plug is elegant, upscale and handcrafted, by Pipedream, to leave you breathless. The luxurious line of glass massager, from Pipedream, is s..


Icicles No. 16 Glass Rabbit Vibrator

ICICLES NO. 16 GLASS RABBIT VIBRATOR DESCRIPTIONThe first ever elegant glass vibrating rabbit is the Icicles No 16 glass rabbit dildo vibrator from Pipedream. With delight in stimulation and se..


Icicles No. 18 Glass GSpot Dildo

ICICLES NO. 18 GLASS GSPOT DILDO DESCRIPTIONThis exquisite Icicles glass dildo from Pipedream touches and stimulates the GSpot. This glass dildo has a curved shaft, is sleek and unique speciall..


Icicles No. 20 Glass Vibrator

ICICLES NO. 20 GLASS VIBRATOR DESCRIPTIONThis wand is sleek, unique and made to play hard. It is designed by Pipedream to last a lifetime. This glass vibrator is nonporous and cleanup is a snap..


Icicles No. 24 Glass Dildo

ICICLES NO. 24 GLASS DILDODESCRIPTIONThis kind of dildo, unlike others, is smooth and beautiful. It is from Pipedream. Icicles no. 24 has an awesome design with an encapsulating action. Enjoy orgasm..


Icicles No.19 Glass GSpot Vibrator

ICICLES NO. 19 GLASS GSPOT VIBRATORDESCRIPTION Icicles No. 19 elegant, upscale and hand crafted, a product of Pipedream exquisite adult toys line is a wand of great pleasure. It is a Gspot stimulator..


Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Kaleigh Dildo

SENSUAL MULTI COLOURED GLASS KALEIGH DILDO DESCRIPTIONIn addition to the Sensual multi coloured intense feeling which you will shudder due to excess pleasure from this dildo, the beauty in its c..


Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Laila Anal Probe

SENSUAL MULTI COLOURED GLASS LAILA ANAL PROBEDESCRIPTION How do you call a multi sensational adult toy? Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Laila Anal Probe is a multi coloured anal probe is double ende..