How to buy

How to Buy Guide

Here you can find the full guide how to pay

Put in the basket products you like.

Go to View Cart see all the product information.
Here you can insert Coupon code, estimate shipping and use certificate gift.
Proceed to Checkout.

Shopping Cart

In the shopping cart you can see chousen products details: weight, image, product name, model, quantity, unit and total price.
Also here you can apply your coupon code, estimate shipping by inserting your shipping details or use gift certificate. 

Now you are one step from :

Checkout form

First step is to choose which way you want to checkout.
You can:

  • Register account        : Create your account
  • Guest checkout          : Checkout without having an account
  • Returning customer  : Fast login before checking out form

Ways to Checkout

You have two ways to checkout.

One way is by creating an account here. This way you save more time in long term by not filling your details every time you want to buy.
The next time when you visit us just checkout as Returning customer.

You also have the option to subscribe to our Newsletter.

By the way we reward our subscribers and returning customers with Discount coupons % from total order. We promise not to spam your email.

The other way is checking out as guest.

How to finalize checkout 

To finalize checkout form you need to fill in:

Your personal details: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, Telephone, Fax (optional);

Your address: Company (optional), Address 1, Address 2 (optional box), City, Post Code, Country, Region / State.

*Please pay attention while filling your details cause these may or will be used by shipping company to deliver or contact you.

Chose your Shipping method and Payment method.

Apply your Coupon / Voucher.

Insert any additional message or details in "Comments About Order" box.
After checking the boxes for Terms & Conditions and Newsletter, confirm your order and you will be redirected into 3D Secure Payment.

3D Secure Payment

This protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions with the intention of improving the security of Internet payments.
The system involves a pop-up window or inline frame appearing during the online. transaction process, requiring the cardholder to enter a password which, if the transaction is legitimate, their card-issuing bank will be able to authenticate.

Here you need to insert your:

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVV / CVC
  • Cardholder Name

*Note: the images above are examples

By default 3D Secure Payment is in English

You can change it into French, German Deutsch, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian Language. 

Now you just need to finish your order and wait your products to arrive.

We wish you joyful time with our products,