BDSM Gear - Latex Bedsheets, Black Orgy Bedsheets, PVC Bed Sheet, PVC Pillowcase, Red Orgy Bedsheets, Super Strap Sheet

BDSM Gear - Latex Bedsheets, Black Orgy Bedsheets, PVC Bed Sheet, PVC Pillowcase, Red Orgy Bedsheets, Super Strap Sheet

Latex Bed sheets - adult toys for male and female. Explore our huge range of BDSM gear, 

popular Bondage Gear, Sado Maso, Fetish sex shop with erotic fantasies for domination articles.

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Black Orgy Bedsheets

Double-bed sized shiny black PVC sheet. Fully washable and ideal for slippery games with oil or food. 200 x 230 cm..


Orgy PVC Bed Sheet Kingsize

Kingsized black fitted sheet made of shiny, slippery PVC for sex games with oil or lube...


Purple Orgy Bedsheets

Purple vinyl bed sheet, 200 x 230 cm. 100% polyvinyl chloride...


PVC Pillow Pillowcase Black

Smooth, shiny, washable PVC pillowcase. 100% polyurethane...


Red Orgy Bedsheets

Double-bed sized shiny red PVC sheet. Fully washable and ideal for slippery games with oil or food! 200 x 230 cm..


Super Strap Super Sheet

Vinyl, Shiny, Versatile, King size sheet.King size bed sheet that is perfect for draping or covering chairs, couches, floors-anywhere you choose!..


Bondage and Latex Bed Sheets for Playroom Décor

Couples should decorate the playroom perfectly, they need to choose BDSM tools

and bondage gadgets before hitting the bed. Bondage and latex bead sheets are

durable. The bedding attachment is upgraded with cuffs and restraints to enable

partners to perform nicely. The bed in the playroom must be flexible, resilient and


Fetish BDSM Bed Sheets for Erotic Expedition

When the hot lady is moving ahead to make you wild on bed, you should not be

injured.You must have comfort and relaxed mood to chase her for erotic foreplay.

The unique bondage and latex bead sheets are specially decorated with the BDSM

accessories. You are safe and protected from hard thrusts. Joy ride will be fine

and unforgettable. 100 percent waterresistant rubber bed sheets are machine

washable.This bed set is capable of bearing sudden jerks and twists. The durable

sheets for erotic expedition have the smooth surface. The glossiness of the latex

bed sheets is awesome. The color of the BDSM bed sheet is beautiful to match

the erotic sequence. It is crease free eco-forward bed sheet which boosts up

couples to go for the wildest foreplay inside the room. Rubber coverage of the

BDSM sheet is nice and soft.Unlike ordinary bed cover, you can spray pickle,

chemical lubricant and gel.When you massage the body of your lover, you will

apply different types of body care gel products. The sexual enhancer is also used to

rub the body. This specific BDSM bed sheet has the extra rubber insulation to

absorb these lubricant components. The bed cover will not be dirty and

soiled.Randomly, couples can use the qualitative washable bondage bed sheets.

Choose the Bed Sheets in Suitable Sizes.

Online adult boutiques sell various types of adult BDSM bed sheets and bedding

accessories. It is a must for you to choose the usable bondage bed sheets which

last for many days. Besides, top online stores have e-commerce portals

which enable customers to do free measurement on internet.Check the

appropriate sizes of the bed sheets which must be equal to the width of the king

size bed. Nontoxic neoprene bed cover must be appropriate for your king size76

inches by 80 inches bed.The bed sheet has pairs of cuffs and anchor pads TM for

sexual antics.The bed sheet is easy to fold after foreplay. Couples are desirous and

interested to start their expedition on the resilient bed cover.The needlework and

embroidery of the bed sheet are classic.Have hot sensation by touching the bed

cover. Dirt free BDSM bed sheets must make you happiest person in the world.The

complete latex bed setting kit includes, bed cover, pillow case, and duvet cover at

discounts. Online fetish storefronts are here with stock of dynamic colorful bed

sheets. Select the best bed cover which is a work of art.For slightly larger mattress,

opt for the extra-large BDSM bed sheet online. Here you can look at the checklist

to have ideas about the different sizes of the bondage bed sheets.


90cm x 190cm
135cm x 200cm
50cm x 75cm
120cm x 190cm
200cm x 200cm
50cm x 75cm
135cm x 190cm
200cm x 200cm
50cm x 75cm
150cm x 200cm
240cm x 220cm
50cm x 75cm
180cm x 200cm
240cm x 220cm
50cm x 75cm
Super King
200cm x 200cm
260cm x 220cm
50cm x 75cm
Long Super King
200cm x 250cm
260cm x 240cm
50cm x 75cm

Your ergonomic fetish bed sheet inspires hot lady to roam for erotic charm. She is

wild and sexy. She has immense libido when she lies on the soft bed cover. It is

one of the best BDSM accessories for couples to spend the romantic night. It is

also hypo-allergen bed sheet to reduce the risk of skin inflammation and

infection. Make your night eventful.Attract your partner to assist you to have

climax of heavenly bliss.