Bijoux Indiscrets Adult Items Sex Toys

Bijoux Indiscrets Adult Items Sex Toys

Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets is your Female Erotic Boutique Immerse yourself in a Diderot Burlesque universe Discover Sexy Toys.

Experience adult items and sex toys with the best therapy with pleasure toys, love cosmetics, new aphrodisiacs, must-have accessories, female masturbation toysvibrating diamond, Blind Passion Mask, sensual handcuffs, orgasm enhancer balm, body chains collars, Bliss Massage Gel, Pleasure Kit, Leather Burlesque Tassled Pasties, Metallic Nipple Covers, Nipple Black Jewels, Nipple Gold JewelsNipple Silver JewelsFeather Tickler, Massage Candle, Satin Luxury Blindfold, Wander Lust Dark Chocolate, Feather Handcuffs, Flamboyant Body Jewelry Black And Silver, Flamboyant Body Jewelery Blue And Green or Flamboyant Body Jewelery Purple and Pink. 

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Bijoux Indiscrets Bliss Bliss Massage Gel

Bijoux Indiscrets brings you their fantastic massage gel. Discover the thrill of skin become pure silk . Silk massage gel from Bijoux Indiscrets..


Bijoux Indiscrets Green Label Body Instruments of Pleasure Kit

Deep in the shadows, lives pure seduction. Do you dare?Elements of extreme sensuality with which to carry out some of the most intense games.Kit includes, feather tickler, satin mask and sating ties...


Bijoux Indiscrets Leather Burlesque Tassled Pasties

Transform yourself into a character of pure exuberance with Bijoux Indiscrets Burlesque Pasties. Leather and satin nipple covers...


Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Metallic Rhinestone Nipple Covers

Rhinestone nipple-covers. Decorate your body with the most sensual glitter. Two pieces...


Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Jewels Black

Enhance your most sensitive of pleasurable areas, highlight your nipples with these fabulous self adhesive shiny nipple covers that add a sensual sparkle to your nipple and available in black The perf..


Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Jewels Gold

Enhance your most sensitive of pleasurable areas, highlight your nipples with these fabulous self adhesive shiny nipple covers that add a sensual sparkle to your nipple and available in Gold. The perf..


Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Jewels Silver

Enhance your most sensitive of pleasurable areas, highlight your nipples with these fabulous self adhesive shiny nipple covers that add a sensual sparkle to your nipple and available in Silver. The pe..


Bijoux Indiscrets Pom Pom Feather Tickler

Discover new sensations with your delicate feather tickler. Feather tickler made with marabu feathers...


Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Massage Candle

A scented candle with hidden usage. Light the wick, burn the candle, drizzle the melted oil onto your loved one and massage till it's gone dark or you're both asleep...


Bijoux Indiscrets Shhh Satin Luxury Blindfold

Cover your eyes and unlock your most ardent and secret fantasies . Indulge yourselves with Shhh . Satin blindfold with sensual messages game...


Bijoux Indiscrets Silky Sensual Handcuffs

Soft and seriously sexy handcuffs to tie your lover up in knots..


Bijoux Indiscrets Tickle Me Tickler

No Ken Dodd moment here from this beautiful black feather tickler Tickle someone you fancy today...


Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Maribou Feather Handcuffs

Trap your lover in the softness of our handcuffs. Marabu feather handcuffs for the most playfull of lovers. Go on and Restrain Yourself..


Bijoux Indscrets Flamboyant Body Jewelery Black And Silver

Bedazzle everyone with these beautiful body decorations and be as beautiful as a peacock. Pack Includes 3 tattoos plus belly button. Adorn the delicate beauty of your breasts, V zone, lower back or be..


Burn Some Desire with Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets is your ticket to the next level. Experience and Discover feelings you’d never have imagined of before. Go the length of pleasure with Bijoux Indiscrets, the best pleasure toys in town, therapies you haven’t thought of, love cosmetics, accessories you shouldn’t miss, female toys, Blind Passion Mask, vibrating diamond, sensual handcuffs, body chains, balms to enhance your orgasm, Pleasure kits, Metal Nipple Covers, Nipple Jewels, Feather Ticklers, Satin Blindfolds. They got all kinds of toys, tools, cosmetics and props that you’d fancy for a better, more exciting session with your partner or yourself. The things you find here are made solely for your personal benefit. Your comfort and pleasure. Your joy of having fun with your partner or your own body, however you may want it.

Variety of Products

Bijoux Indiscrets Sex Toys are devices, primarily used for the enhancement of sexual pleasure alone. There is a wide range of products here that can be used for your comfort and for your pleasure. They have the full collection in there. You name it, they got it. Be it female sex toys, male vibrators, chastity devices or the like or even other enhancers that you might fancy.
The quality and variety of adult pleasure toys that they have at Bijoux Indiscrets is unimaginable. You wouldn’t keep it away for later. The moment you find it, you know it has to be on you, doing things to you, making your body go wild. The range of High Quality sex toys you get here are wild.


Focusing on Dildos. Like always, the range here is fascinating. Prices go from 9 pounds to 34. Sizes also go all ranges to your liking. 9 inch or 18 inch duals, they got it. Dual ones, Double ones, or Penis dildos; Add-ons, Strap-ons, Real ones, black ones, Brown ones, textured and plastic; ribbed and veined, Bent or straight, Seriously, When I say they got all of it, I mean it. All to your liking and pleasure. The way you want it, they got it ready to be shipped. Your pleasure is the ultimate goal here. There’d be no compromise in your pleasure. The toys over here make sure you get the best of your night or perhaps the best of every one of your days. Choose your masterpiece and have the fun of your lives masturbating new levels each day.

Novelty products

Novelties include Butt Plugs, Prostrate vibrators – oh the many there are and if only you’d take a look at what makes you go high on them. The collection definitely makes it clear that this is not a female based pleasure shop. When they mean pleasure they definitely take it to the extent of it for both the sexes, male and female alike. The collection they have here definitely points that out. The Cock Rings and the Penis Pumps do sound exciting as do the Butt Plugs and the Groovy Penis sleeves. Each of the items they provide are top of their line and guaranteed to bring you to a beautiful climax that you’d definitely look forward to again. One that you’d definitely wish that your partner would have as well. The effort they have put in here has to be appreciated, the quality and the extent of it is one you’d never want to miss. Judging the range of stuffs, you get here, there would be plenty to discover and find in the huge collection of popular toys scouring your attention from the less popular ones that might be the one that you are looking for. Do take a good close look at all the merchandise you’ll find here as a glance over the popular ones might not suffice your interest.

Unmatched quality

Bijoux Indiscrets products don’t go down any bit in terms of quality, quantity or even variety. The plenty items you get here are seemingly uncompromised. The variety is surely a great attractive thing as you will get anything and everything off any range of products you’d need from any range of prices. The products they have here are what keeps the fire burning, the wheels turning, the people enjoying. Buy the best Dildos in the UK or the US. Avail discounts on sex toys. Get some Plus sized sexy lingerie sets, hot soft vaginas, Bridal lingerie for weddings and honeymoons, cheap toys, erotic toys. They have it covered, they got it running smooth round the clock any time anywhere. Just get online and find the stuff you need and get it delivered at your doorstep, the way you want. The products at Bijous Indiscrets would never fail to please you, in performance, clean-up, comfort, whichever is most trivial to you. This is among the top stuff and they are not putting it up there for show. It’s for you to try out, enjoy, have fun, get things going smoother, find the thrill in pleasure. Their products are there to help you out with whatever crazy idea you might have.

Discrete shopping

Shop your favorite Sex Toys whomever you are buying it for, men women or couples. Bijoux Indiscrets Erotic Adult Toys got the right kind of erotica to get you hot and burning with lust. For a desire for a sensational episode of pleasure and pleasure alone. They got Lady Vibrators, Dildos which you already have read about to be quite exquisite in taste, Vibrating Rings for Penises, Cock Rings, Banger Dongs, Sex Dolls with Real-life Skin textures, Love Dolls, Play and Party Sex Games, Sensitizing Creams, and Oils that give you Erotic Massages. All these products go along with Discreet Shipping so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing should you be concerned. And they surely got you covered on any issues you might have in such a highly improbable situation. They got it all covered. Once you’re done with finding the right kind of products, you could easily ship them without any fuss, discreetly as you’ve never known perhaps.

Adult sex toys

The Bijoux Indiscrets Cheap Adult Sex Toys range does good favor to the fun seeker in you, the spirit waiting to let free. Get your hands on one of these and you’d put them to good use. For your pleasure, or your partner’s, whichever way it is, they are bound to give you immense joy and pleasure.

·        Bunny Vibrators,

·        Anal Vibrators,

·        Strapless Strap ons,

·        Penis Sleeves,

·        Anal Probes,

·        G-Spot Vibrators,

·        Mini Vibrators,

·        Penis Vibrators fall in this list.

They range from 3 pounds to 22 pounds. Choose away, the right one for you. Wait no more, hunt for the best and acquire it. Put it to your best use. Find parts of you that you never knew before. Find the next realm of pleasure be it alone or with company. The Adult Items are just waiting to be put down to business with you. The quality and variety stand out in every aspect in every section. It makes your shopping, very interesting and positive. You’d not return buying a couple of these for anyone you love, or you yourself.


Bijoux Indiscrets Blinds are fancy! They are classy! They are sexy! They are the ones you’d end up buying. You’d not go through the list without liking at least two of the full collection, much less buying one. The blindfolds are of different textures, to match whichever mood you might be in. These blindfolds completely put you in the dark, depriving you of sight, giving you more room for other feelings, sense more of your surroundings or your partner or yourself. Without the visual aid, you depend more on the other lesser senses you use less frequently. This gives you a particular feeling, especially if you are indulging in anything involving any sort of sexual pleasure. These blinds literally strip off your sight. It focuses your senses and feelings and direct them straight to a single climax. They will show you a different world. One you wouldn’t see without all those open eyes. There are, silk, satin, soft ones, cushioned ones, leather ones, those frisky ones and others with detachable Blinkers – who wouldn’t like a sneak peek. Prices range from Five Pounds to Forty-Five Pounds depending the quality and texture that you’d feel.


Bijoux Indiscrets Ticklers also maintain their name in quality. The Pom Pom Feather Ticklers and the Tickle Me Tickler are great options that do just the trick. The prices are round 7 pounds. There are yet other toys such as the BlowYo Intense Ticklers, Blow Job Masturbator, Curvy Rocket Tickler Vibrator, Booty Call Booty Tickler Silicone Anal Plugs, and the one used in Fifty Shades of Grey, the Tease Feather Tickler. All these are brilliant options for a good little tickle down any alley of your partner’s body that you want. It’ll surely get them started and warmed up good enough for you to go deeper. They are built to last long and prices on the whole may range from 6 Pounds to Sixty-Four Pounds. Yes! They have the whole load of all kinds of shit.

You might also get interested in products such as the

·        Mystim Tickleberry Finn Estim Urethral Sounds – A stick like tickler, you’d want to try out how good this one works, aside from the feathers which are made from Marabu feathers-,

·        SportSheets Chain Ball Tickler,

·        SportSheets Midnight Jewelled Chain Tickler,

·        Tickle your Fance – Self Pleasure Guide - Tenga Air Tech Twist Tickle Reusable Vacuum Cup Masturbator.


All these, you should keep in mind, are just the tip of the iceberg. More tempting and delicious novelties await should you give the place a visit, and I’d be sure that you’d be fully satisfied or perhaps just more thrilled or curious, but never disappointed.

Massage gels

About Bijoux Indiscrets Massage Gels, you would want to keep this section for later. Sometimes it might feel that this is all you need get yourself right in the mood. Which is exactly why you should wait on this one until you’ve completed all your other purchases. Only then would this serve as the ultimate lubricant for each one of those toys that you’ve decided to try. Along with that, the list of super attractive stuff that there is down this aisle of products seem to be such a good list. It’s so overwhelming that you’d not want to spend time on it in the first place. You’d find massage gels of all kinds in here. Lubricants, Sensitizing Gels, Bijoux Indiscrets Bliss-Bliss Massage Gel, etc. Prices that range from 6 pounds to Thirty pounds re-ensure that you do get all kinds of stuff in here for all walks of your budget. The other products you’d find in here are 3d Gels, Anal Gel Lubricant, Diamond Silicone Gels, Masturbation Gels and the likes. These Gels totally ensure that you don’t go high and dry. They keep you covered and well lubricated through your session. Make sure you do have the right one from the list they have in there.

Nipple covers

As for Nipple Covers, sorry Gentlemen, this one is for the ladies unless you fancy one of these on yourself for a change. Bijoux Indiscrets definitely got a good range of those as well. Metallic Rhinestone Nipple Covers go for round Seven Pounds. They are pretty good if you feel like it. Bijoux Indiscrets has got a variety of them. Silver, Gold, Black and many more. These give the Nipples some sensual glitter. Make it look kinky and attractive with the range of colors and decors available at the store. Although this might look less brightening, you might want to take the opinion of your partner about this before you form your own opinions. Aside from the covers, there are also a good load of nipple clamps, vices, tassels, clamps with bells, adjustable ones as well as those that aren’t all that adjustable. Choose to your liking, your pleasure. That’s what all this is for. Nipple Covers can do all different kinds of things. If you’re looking for visual attraction for your partner or perhaps for you alone in the mirror, slip one of the Bijoux Indiscrets Nipple Jewels on and you’re just good to go. These jewels are going to make your tits look as attractive as anything, we all know how attractive they are. If you’re looking for anything in the bondage area, there are double the number clamps and vices and the likes to suit your fancy and your ideas.

There are these Advanced Nipple Suckers that you might get interested in. No physical contact! They just suck on your nipples really well. If you get down to the whole range of what they got down in here, you’d surely be surprised. Each and every section, another collection of novelties and toys. This is something you should get to know in person than read about in some article. Find more at the site about the “After Dinner Nipples” and why it’s special. There are much more about such stuff than you think there are. The little that is being explained here is just the tip of a vast ice world beneath, one of lust and love and pleasure.

Massage Candles

Bijoux Indescrets Massage Candles add yet another sparkle to your sessions. Why stop when you got a Cart full of merchandise and you can still brighten up the experience with these small things. These candles provide the ambience and set up the room with a fragrance that’ll put you right in the mood for something pleasurable. Get your partner to find the right fragrance that you both agree on and share the room in the ambience of these Massage Candles. The price ranges from down to 8 Pounds and can go to 27 Pounds depending on your choice of quality and brand value. The variety might be a bit narrow round this aisle, but I’m pretty sure you’d not miss any flavor that you desperately needed as the major fragrances and others which convey the same kind of an ambience can be found in these narrow corridors. The massage Candles themselves are much of a concern as it could take your attention away from the smells of your own bodies and put into your mind a soothing, sensual, arousing and splendid smell of your favorite flavors and fragrances, which is bound to bring you considerable difference on how pleasure hits you and from which angle. Either way, it only gives you more to enjoy and less to smell about. Get a couple of these and stash them up, you may need a couple of these if you’re lighting up a combo or trying some light works. Either way, they just light up the ambience in a lot of ways.


Bijoux Indiscrets Handcuffs are a sure thing. Especially if you’re all that really into bondage. It could really spice things up and bring things to a kinky ending for more than one person. They also got good collections of handcuffs at the store so be sure to check them out, you may not know what you’ll be missing out on. Although there exists a good load of them at the store, you’d better be informed about the ones that are rolling the counters most frequently.

·        There are the Bad Kitty Black Plush Handcuffs. These are plush ones, with a bit of a cushioning around. It’s pretty kinky and is bound to keep things interesting, this one sells for 15 Pounds.

·        The Bijoux Indiscrets Silky Sensual Handcuffs also go along the same lines, but they cost round 6 Pounds so I’d consider that.

·        There are also the Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Maribou Feathers Handcuffs. The maribou feathers or no small deal. It could also be used as a tickler depending on your creativity. This one sells for 11 Pounds.

·        There are Metal Handcuffs are well. These are cheaper and can be bought round 5 Pounds. I wouldn’t actually recommend that if you were going for a rough night and something very actively vigorous. You know how the edges could get. Although you’re welcome to try, your style, your imagination, your pleasure.

·        There is the fully comfy Grey’s Handcuffs as from the Fifty Shades movie. They completely enclose the wrists and are pretty comforting. They do cost 11 Pounds, but they do have some solid stuff going on there. Handcuffs are great if your partner also agrees to go with it the way you want it. Use these for your pleasure and for that of your partner.

Overall, Give this one a try. Go over there right now, site or address. Find out what you need. Check out the stuff they have here. Find the things you’ve never known before. Get to know about things that exist solely for the purpose of enhancing your private sexual life. Find out about the things that could get you to an entire other level of pleasure, joy and fantasy. Get to know about all the things you have at your disposal to get your fantasies to life. To have a better experience with your partner or alone and to enjoy pleasure the best way possible with less compromise to situations. Get to Bijoux Indiscrets and re-emerge with a head full of ideas and a cart full of fun toys for you and your partner to play with and to experiment with. Get to know yourself and your partner further beyond you’ve ever known before. Put this tool to work, get these props into your experience. Make the moment worth it, fill it with hot burning lust and passion for a sensation worth spending for. Make the best out of what you have with the Bijoux Indiscrets toys and tools. Make your moment, one you’d remember again and again. Make your moments one that you’d always wish you keep having again and again. You got the tools, you got the equipment, you got the right props for all that fun. Go give it a try. Buy it, try out your experiments on your partner. Let them know the benefits of the Bijoux Indiscrets. Share the pleasure and the fun and the joy of having had a session beyond words.

Go get it.
Have fun, pleasure, love.