Bondage Gear - Paddles, Whips & Ticklers

Bondage Gear - Paddles, Whips & Ticklers

Paddles, Whips & Ticklers from a great selection Bondage Gear, Sado Maso, Fetish sex shop with erotic fantasies for domination articles: Fork Paddle, Tribal Shoe Paddle, Leather Paddle, Paddle With Studs, Paddle With Spikes, Folded Paddle, Round Oval Paddle, Love Heart Paddle in colors you love !

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Fork Paddle

Genuin leather 3 tongue whip with metal strip inside, 40cm long...


Hand Whip

Genuine leather hand measures 15 x 4.5 x 1.7 Inches...


House Of Eros Carpet Beater

House of Eros - Quality Handmade Fetish Furniture & BDSM Accessories, affordable luxury. Traditional handmade willow carpet beater, finished with a varnish coat to bring out the beauty of this favouri..


House Of Eros Heavy Dagger Strap

17mm depth of paddle with a tyre tread rubber sole embossed and hand dyed. For those who like a heavy blow this is the paddle for you.     ..


House Of Eros Tribal Shoe Paddle With Rubber Sole

This leather paddle is embossed with a tribal pattern then made more sturdy by the addition of  a 5mm rubber sole...


Large Leather Paddle

Genuine leather paddle, Handle 8 x 1 Inches, Paddle 12 x 4.5 Inches...


Leather Forked Paddle

Genuine leather paddle with 4 long flexible forks...


Paddle With Spikes

Genuine leather paddle with thin nail spikes...


Rouge Garments Folded Paddle Black

Leather folded paddle with rivets on the handle. 17 Inches Total Length..


Rouge Garments Paddle Pink

Double sided leather spanking paddle. 13” long and 3” wide...


Rouge Garments Paddle Purple

Double sided leather spanking paddle. 13” long and 3” wide...


Rouge Garments Paddle Red

Double sided leather spanking paddle. 13” long and 3” wide...


Rouge Garments Three Flap Paddle Black

Three flapping leather paddles with rivets on the handle. 15 Inches Total Length..


Round Oval Paddle

This is a genuine leather oval shaped punishment paddle with rivet decorated handle, and measures 6 x 2 inch handle and 8 x 5.5 paddle body, for administering full backside punishment when your slave ..


Sex and Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle

Want to be sweet yet sassy? The Enchanted Heart Paddle has two sides, one vegan burgundy fur and the other a flat velvety feel for whatever mood you may be in.Start by tickling and stroking with the s..


Bondage Paddles for Wild Spanks - Don’t Forget to Buy Erotic Paddles

Spanking a girl is exiting. A matured lady is seen appearing nude on floor for receiving the spanks with

large size paddles. It is a type of whip but without any fall or tassel. It is a flat spanking device with a

gripe safe handle bar with a loop. Strike abs and thighs with the bondage paddles. Be a smart guy to do

experiment on your young dirty sweetheart.

How to Buy Bondage Paddles

Often it will be a difficult matter to buy the perfect paddles for spanking. Local stores are not

compatible to store floggers and paddles in different shapes. Besides, the prices of these BDSM

accessories depend on the quality. Local vendors don’t have any easy buying option with credit or debit

cards. In addition, discounts are not given to customers save and except special events. Bondage

practice is a custom to worldwide couples. Here, you are projected as a submissive slave with eagerness

to confirm your slavery for the sake of satisfying other. Online girls are booked for having fun.

They participate in different foreplay and BDSM games meant for stimulation of the libido.

Women are versatile to become slaves. Bondage fetish toys are

designed to train you to have expertise in fucking, fore play and BDSM expedition for complete self-

satisfaction. My goodness! Bondage paddles are tools made of different ergonomic materials like

leather. For effective spanking, use it. Frankly speaking, online fetish storefronts have new sophisticated

large size paddles. Buy fetish paddle for playing with your girl. One of the easiest ways to admit

one’s dominance is spanking. With the soft paddle, go for the bold sex torture to make your baby crazy

to suck you up to the last drop. She will have no self control due to the massive ultra light spanks with

the paddles. Of course, virtual stores are equipped with the list of user-friendly paddles, whips

and floggers.

Paddle with Nail Spikes

Few ladies are not cool. Definitely, they have over orgasm and their libido is uncontrollable. They need

heavy spanking with thorny paddles. Sharp spikes of the paddle for body stimulation are extremely

effective. She is nude standing on the carpet of the tiny room. With your paddle, beat her randomly.

They will not protest. Her buttock and thighs will be inflamed, irritated and reddened because of the

constant spanks. The swiftness of the paddles for erotic expeditions is great. Handle it smartly. Well,

when a lady is also ashamed with reluctance to sex with you, heat up her G-spot applying few spanks. High

dose of orgasm must be aroused to force her to embrace you.

Get Promo Codes to Buy Paddles Online

The inventory is now stuffed with classic paddles, whips and floggers. It is a must for you to purchase the

user-friendly paddles which must enable you to activate libido generating machine of your partner. She

will not deny but admit what you offer. Treatment is nice for her. Her thong is displaced due to the

spanking with the paddle. Online adult shops have the stock of awesome spanking devices ranging from

whips down to the paddles. Right now, garment made soft paddles for spanks are easy to use. The

purple and pink colors of the paddles tempt girls. The silky surface of the world class garment paddle

has sluty decoration in deep pink color. It lures players to go for the usage of the nice spanking tools. All

paddlers are durable, resilient and well managed.