Rends Adult Items Sex Toys- High Quality Sex Toys

Rends Adult Items Sex Toys- High Quality Sex Toys


The next generation adult goods, innovative and comfortable products to use before and after sex

Rends stands for "Reality", "Extravagant", "Neat", "Dream", "Satisfaction" and was established in order to create High Quality products that are planned and developed in Japan.

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A10 Cyclone SA Plus Vorze Masturbator

The Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Stand Alone Sexual Home Appliance. 4 Years of development since the release of the A10 Cyclone. Enjoy 7 speeds from low to high and 7 different rotation patterns from the high..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone

With the use of the R-1 Controller (sold separately) your masturbation experience will be different every time due to the 50 modes with 7 different speeds and 7 different patterns plus a extra special..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone INNER CUP Crystal

Thickness, pyramid shaped knobs will wrap your penis firmly and cause intense stimulation. The inlay is made ​​of soft and completely odorless elastomer. Included is the magnetic holder, a mounting ri..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone INNER CUP Medusa Head MediumLarge SOLD OUT

RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone INNER CUP Medusa Head MediumLarge

Medusa head The inner cup that comes with the original A10 cyclone.Available for sale to replace any broken original. Medium to Large size..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone INNER CUP Medusa Head SmallMedium

Medusa head The inner cup that comes with the original A10 cyclone.Available for sale to replace any broken original. Small to Medium Size..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone INNER CUP Rolling Fella

Enjoy the sensations of fellatio without so much of a flick of the wrist. This cup for the R-1 A10 Cyclone has a special inlay that simulates the sensation of a swirling tongue for the ultimate in pow..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone INNER CUP Snake Pressure

It is the item we developed from the view point that is different in expressing the stimulation from pressure like Masturbator, and an internal structure. It is designed so that a soft big bump will r..


RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone Spacer

The attachment for extending the length filling up any possible gap between the main part and base of penis. By using a large underwear, A10 Cyclone can be positioned for use without having to hold i..


RENDS R1 Bach Rotator

This Bach rotor was designed by the concept of being the strongest and fastest rotor on the earth. And we created the best rotor you have ever seen.By the high speed rotation and our original vibratin..


RENDS R1 Bach Rotator Triple Bach Caps

Everyone must own Bach Rotor as one of R-1 starter set if they are the users of the series. It’s only the almighty attachment among the series which accommodates all of erogenous zones of human body b..


RENDS R1 Feel Mont Blanc Black Clitoral Vibrator

As a result of the pursuit of the best clitoral stimulation, RENDS have created this product. When using a regular product of the rotor for clitoral stimulation, we found that to increase the exciteme..


RENDS R1 Feel Mont Blanc Purple Clitoral Vibrator

As a result of the pursuit of the best clitoral stimulation, RENDS have created this product. When using a regular product of the rotor for clitoral stimulation, we found that to increase the exciteme..


RENDS R1 Predator Wand

Created for reaching and massaging a girl's g-spot and pushing them to a powerful climax we bring you're the wonderful R-1 Predator Wand, a delightfully pleasing 10.5-inch versatile wand with a bulbou..


RENDS R1 Predator Wand Purple

Created for reaching and massaging a girl's g-spot and pushing them to a powerful climax we bring you're the wonderful R-1 Predator Wand, a delightfully pleasing 10.5-inch versatile wand with a bulbou..


RENDS R1 Rends UFO Nipple Stimulator

Features 57 modes: 7speed levels x 8 patterns plus a turbo mode. Super silent design Easy to clean 6 attachments: 3 different shapes of accessores. all of which are available in 2 sizes. Soft nubs wil..





Rends Sex Toys are a class of toys made exclusively for the passionate lovers out there doing it their way. We are a group of people who have decided to make your personal experiences for the better. Our toys are sculpted and shaped by your opinions and the way you want them to be. It’s your stuff that we here. The way you want it, that’s how we want to get it to you.


Rends are continually in the process of getting that straight, how we could be of better service to you. They are continually making the small changes that could give you a better experience with all the many activities that you’d like to do with the help of our toys. We dedicate ourselves to doing things on your terms. They push as far as they can to make sure you are getting what you want. That you are getting it the way you want it and that you will get it however you might want it. We do our best to get you the very best of every single toy that you buy from our stores, online or even otherwise. Your experience is our concern and we do our best to keep that up to par and we would do all we can to help you suit your needs with the toys we have here at our place. Rends have a wide collection of erotica and sex material at your disposal. We have it the way you’d love it. We got it the way you’d want it. Find from our collection the best suites for you to work out your passions, however way you may like it or want it. After all, it’s all about how these toys perform up to you. It’s all about how you can make the best of these products. This is precisely why as a brand do their best to ensure that your private fantasies are satisfied and well balanced with the quality that we have here in our stores. Rends Sex Toys pride themselves on making available to you, merchandise that you would sincerely enjoy and wish to use again and again.


When it comes to using toys, we also do make sure that the material we have is definitely trustable and body safe. We wouldn’t want to sell you something that we know is not so healthy for you. We always make sure that the quality that we deliver here is top notch. It is a standard that we stick to and would never wish to step aside from. Pleasure at the expense of health is not what we want you to have. We want you to enjoy every single bit of fun that you could have with our toys and devices and all the kinds of stuff that we got here without you having to worry about safety, or health risks that most toys could pose. We are here to make sure that every single one of our toys is up to this standard that we pride ourselves in. We do the best we can to keep our material top notch. We are keeping checks on the quality and safety of the items we have here. All you have to worry about is which of these could be too much for you. All you have to be concerned about is which kind of toy suits you best, because we got them all. We have all the varieties and ranges of, toys, bondage equipment, lingerie, dildos, masturbators, discreet online toys, sex kits and the likes. Be it in terms of stimulation, feelings, pleasure, domination, bondage, or any other kinds of purpose you might have for using our sex toys, we got all of them here. The only concern for you should be about which one you would be willing to go with. Which one is going to suit your requirements best. That’ all you got to think about. Like seriously. We got the rest taken care of really safe and securely. Make sure you don’t get lost in fantasy while you go through the collection we got here. That’s what I’m talking about. We got the real deal here. Come walk in and take a look at the stuff that you’re going to be using in one or other session of yours with your partner or alone by yourself however way you like it.


The collection we got here do follow the following lines. We got the best dildos across US, UK and nearby. We also got discounts and credit for clients who are the usual customers of our material and our services. So you know what’s waiting for you if you’re like the 10th person to land on our watch list. Yeah specialties and royalties included. Find yourself lost in our world of fun, fantasy toys of all kinds. The kind that’s cheap enough, or perhaps quality enough. We got that all. They way you’d want it. Your convenience is our pleasure and we go to lengths to make that happen right so that you can have the best experience in acquiring the items we have for you as well as using the materials that you’ve selected for yourself. We got all kinds of sexy and delicious Lingerie, Soft and supple vaginas which are obviously artificial but quite realistic enough just for you. Sex store toys for men and also women and any other gender types that could exist. Yes, we got everything you could or couldn’t imagine of. We got all that for your best interests. We got all that for you to have the best experience with our stuff. Adult Sex Toys, come on, you just got to name it and we’ll bring you the collections that we have. The best adult items, the best affordable items, the kind of stuff that you’ll never regret having bought. These are the kinds of toys that you’ll always enjoy using. The kinds of toys that you’ll never get tired of using. The ones that will always have something new to give you no matter how long you’ve been using it.


We also got the anal sex range for the people who love the idea of having something up themselves right in their butts. The people who like it getting naughty and wild. All the people out there who take it to the next level and love doing things on the next level. The clothes here are specially made for you guys. You’d find the best use with these kind of merchandise. We’re damn sure that you’re going to get the most out of the kinds of stuff that get you into it real deep. We also have all that kind of branded toys that you might expect from classy toy sellers. The best stuff from all around, to give you that all round experience. Buy one from us, just one. Find out how you couldn’t resist using it next time you just think about it. Find out how irresistible each one of the toys we have here is for you and your partner. You could also have the kind of bondage fantasies that you could have with your partner. The best kinky deals and sexy material to make your experience one that is completely and exclusively unique. An experience that you would want to relive and experience again. An experience that you would specially would never like to forget. That is what we wish to provide you with. That is our objective. To get you what you want, the way you want it, and however you might want it. It’s your pleasure and fantasy that we want to make true. With the toys that we have here for you. It’s only a matter of selecting which one is going to make your day. So go ahead and find the best suit for you or your partner or perhaps, for both of you together. Find the best kind of stuff that you are going to cherish for such a long time. It could end up being part of your sexual life for such a good time. No need to worry about security, or health risks, and be guaranteed that everything is all good and safe and all you have to do is find your best suit for your perfect relationship and make sure you enjoy every single bit of the toy or the device or the merchandise that you buy from us. We’ve put in every bit to give you everything we have so make sure you put all that to good use and the distinct and unique sensations that we’ve crafted for your pleasure and for your sexual fantasies alone. And who else wouldn’t love a good toy to play with? Go ahead, give it a few tries, find out the hidden side of you that you never knew existed. Or perhaps those sides of your partner that you never knew could exist. Bring the flare into your sexual life with the quality and the quantity that we got here. Give us some feedback about how you might expect it to be better and we’ll see to it that you get what you need most next time.



Talking about masturbators that the Rends Toys provides you with. The toys that are going to make your day. These are the toys that are going to get you that one trip to fantasy land at the end of your day when you just want a break from perhaps everything. Yes, this is the product that can send you into another land worth living. We could get you to places where you’ve never been. We can get you and your partner to places you couldn’t have imagined of. That’s what the Rends Masturbators can do to you and your body and also your partners body. This is a range of toys specially made for your partner and yourself to use on each other or yourselves suiting your style.


The designs that you will find in the collection are purely pleasure based. The structure and feel of the smallest detail on every toy is one that is prudently placed after much consideration about how it will affect your experience of pleasure and fun and how it could benefit your moods. Each of our quality products has been designed to make you feel good and also your partner watching you. Yes, the joy of masturbation could spread real fast and wide and we hope to give that not just you but your partner as well. Ever found the need to push a vibrator down her places and see what happens next? Or maybe push something around his control stick and see how he enjoys it Rends got the whole lot. We take pride in creating quality toys that are bound to bring you joy and happiness and pleasure over all. We work hard to get you the best features you can have to enhance your masturbation experience. We try our best to give you an unforgettable experience that you could always cherish and remember. The products that we deliver are quality tested and always stick to the standards that we expect you to be happy with. We make sure that there won’t be an aspect of our toys that fail this standard that we pride ourselves with.


There are a lot of people who might have negative thoughts about masturbation. Most famous among those are the fictitious facts that masturbation could lead to negative health results. There might also be a lot of taboos regarding masturbation depending on the society and culture that you live in. But we do fancy masturbation and we do our best to make sure that your experience masturbating and more specifically, your experience while masturbating with the toys and devices that we provide you with is of premium quality and a kind of masturbation that you wouldn’t want to forget. Each time a different experience, each time a different story, each time a different flavor to it. Have it the way you want it. While masturbation is not exactly sex, (I can guarantee you that) but it surely does get you right in sorts to give you just almost everything that feels like you’re having sex. Our toys are designed to make you feel all that comfortable and super pleasurable just the way you would feel when you’re just having casual sex with your partner. But we make sure that your experience is not one of those simple casual sex sorts. We make sure that you get a premium and exclusive result from using our masturbators. We make sure that you will enjoy It to the last bit. We make sure that it definitely gives your mind a great deal of refreshment. We make sure that your orgasm can help you cleanse your moods. Masturbation is known to be a great stress reliever and toxin cleaner on the body. Our toys are bound to give a splendid and delicious massive orgasm that’s supposed to clear out all that stress and toxins that might somehow land on your environment. Our Masturbators are made to give you that specific kind of a feeling that you’d have while doing it yourself except with the added bonus of feeling it about ten times better the feels you’d have when you do it the old-school way. Definitely, everyone started out plain old-school. But this one’s for the people who are ready to turn it up the notch and discover higher limits and push the far beyond where they lie right now. The toys we sell are bound to push you far beyond your known limits of pleasure. They are bound to take you to a whole new different level of extreme pleasure and satisfaction that you might never find in another toy. They are supposed to take you to fantasy land and keep reminding you of the wonderful and delicious experience that you’ve had with it. If you’re masturbating with your partner, we guarantee that not only you are in for the show, but your partner will enjoy it as much as you will. After all the masturbator, however seemingly single used it might seem, is best used when you’re doing it with your partner. And personally it is one of the best experiences to force a masturbator on to your partner and push their limits and see them moan and groan in the pleasure and satisfaction that Rends masturbators could provide your partner with. Power up your partner and take her mind to the sort of fantasy that she’s never had before. See her spring to life and twist and turn in the pleasure of the variety of masturbators that we have at Rends Toys. Light up his feelings and see your guy have the time of his life. Find out the best sides of each toy and have a go at each of them. Have fun giving him a go at it and watch him push it further inside the masturbator out of sheer pleasure. Join the fun with devices that are made specially for joint experiences so that it enhances your experience masturbating or even having sex during your masturbation. You definitely would have tried using masturbators during sex. If not, then this is the one that you must try first off and we will promise you that you wouldn’t think about trying another one any time in the distant future because Rends Toys are all you need to be content and satisfied for your sexual desires and passions. Rends is going to keep it up. This is all you’d need.


We have an excellent collection of male and female masturbators to stimulate you anyway that you want to be stimulated or to stimulate your partner any way that you want to stimulate your partner. As we’ve hinted at, the joy of watching your partner have the time of their lives with a masturbator writhing and shuddering under the powerful pleasure waves of the masturbator is overpowering that you’d not stop giving your partner all that your partner needs. Give her the time of her life and see her writhe and gasp in sexual relief. Find out his most intimate of reactions and the best positions of his experience with the toys that we have here to provide. Find out the sides of your partners that you’ve never seen without masturbators. Learn more about the best sides of your sexual life with the help of the masturbators that we have here to provide. Toys made for masturbation and pleasure alone. We have got all of the merchandise here to give you all we have. To give you the best experience you might ever have with any masturbator. To give you that masturbation experience of a lifetime and to give you an orgasm that you’d never have with another masturbator. We wish to give you that one experience that you could only get with Rends masturbators. We got the toys you’d need to work out your fantasies to the next level and beyond and push your pleasures to the extremes and enjoy having fun with yourselves or with your partners any way you like. This is Rends toys and we got all you’d need to have that awesome experience at masturbation whether you are alone or if you are having a partner have it put on you or in you. Take a look through our collection to find out the many kinds of masturbators that we have up for sale. Find out the best suit for you and get on for your partner as well. Work it out and put your partner to good use. Our collections include Wands, Vibrators, Pocket Garter, Cyclone vibrators, pressure cups, nipple vibrators, piston based robotic masturbators, sex machines and another load of those stuff which are guaranteed to give you the ride of a lifetime, to get you that extreme sexual experience that you could never have without Rends Toys alone.