Rocks Off Adult Items Sex Toys- Ideal Toys for Couples

Rocks Off Adult Items Sex Toys- Ideal Toys for Couples

Rocks Off

Toys for Boys

Discover a new world of pleasure. Our sex toys for boys give you breath-taking orgasms and take you on exciting sexual adventures. We have sex toys to get your rocks-off in just the way you like it- and in incredible ways you're yet to discover, just browse our exciting range of prostate massagers, anal vibrators and dual action vibrators. We have unique designs that are powered by our award-winning bullet vibrators, and use carefully designed vibrations to get your rocks off. To learn more about our sex toys for boys, find your ideal partner in our categories and indulge your most tempting desires.

Toys for Girls

Explore your inner desires with our sex toys for girls. We give you numerous ways to feel leg-shaking trembling, lip-biting orgasms with our range of pleasure products. Find your ideal partner in our wide range of bullet vibrators, clitoral vibrators, sex toys for beginners, and rechargeable sex toys. Many are made with sensual body-safe silicone and chrome that exude quality design for your peace of mind. For a heart-pounding rush in the night, or discreet explosion on the go, choose your perfect partner from our sex toys for girls.

Toys for Couples

Explore our sex toys for couples and find the perfect accompaniment to take your sex life to new heights of ecstasy. Our dual action vibrators can bring you both together in unimaginable ways. Our sex toy kits give you an array of tools to worship each other's bodies, which make an ideal gift to evoke surprise, and laughter, followed by heart-pounding curiosity. So if you want to feel the excitement of seeing your partner revel in ecstasy and find the right tool to turn them on, choose from our range of sex toys for couples.

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RO80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator Black

Delight your senses with body shaking orgasms from the RO-80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator. A tapered tip targets your most sensitive areas for overwhelming precision stimulation...


RO80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator Pink

Delight your senses with body shaking orgasms from the RO-80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator. A tapered tip targets your most sensitive areas for overwhelming precision stimulation...


RO80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator Purple

Delight your senses with body shaking orgasms from the RO-80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator. A tapered tip targets your most sensitive areas for overwhelming precision stimulation...


RO80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator Red

Delight your senses with body shaking orgasms from the RO-80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator. A tapered tip targets your most sensitive areas for overwhelming precision stimulation...


RO80mm Be My Knight Bullet Vibrator

Try our RO-80MM special edition colour bullet vibrators to tantalise and tease you with 7 addictive sinful settings of pure ecstasy. It's packed full of passionately powerful intense vibes, a discreet..


RO80mm Rainbow Bullet Vibrator

Try our special edition range of colours for the best-selling and multi-award winning RO-80MM bullet vibrator. The RO-80MM special edition colour bullet vibrator is a discreet size to slip into a smal..


Rock Off Bullet Vibrator RO120mm Rose Gold

Give in to the big and beautiful RO-120mm bullet vibrator to understand the meaning of heart-racing delight. Beginners will love this gorgeous pleasure packed vibrating bullet with a little extra girt..


Rocks Off Truly Yours Rouge Allure 160mm Bullet

True love is yours to hold with each potent vibration of this stunningly beautiful pleasure bullet. Fall head over heels again and again as your body tingles with pure orgasmic delight as you fall tru..


Rocks Off 10 Speed Bullet Bunny Vibrator

Soft silicone sleeve on a RO-120 bullet. extremely long ears for clitoral stimulation. 10 pleasure settings waterproof..


Rocks Off 10 Speed Funky Vibrator

Mini silicon vibrator with a rippled design for extra stimulation..


Rocks Off 10 Speed Mini Mates Twirl Mini Vibrator

Go dizzy with Mini-Mates Twirl! It's RO-120mm bullet has 10 functions on its own and you can add the sleeve for a unique experience. The bullet is easy to use with its 'one touch' system. The sleeve..


Rocks Off 10 Speed Rapture Vibrator

The more powerful the act of passion, the more pleasurable it's bound to be. Rapture will lead you to the pathway of true sensual fulfilment as it indulges your senses.Smooth luxurious contours will s..


Rocks Off 10 Speed Ruby Glow Vibrator

Ruby Glow will take you on an erotic journey deep, deep into the world of personal passion. Close your eyes, take a breath and feel the power as Ruby Glow contours closely and intimately to your most ..


Rocks Off 10 Speed Vortex Butt Plug

You spin me right round!Get caught in a vortex of passion of 10cm of insertable length. Feel surges of passion with each ridge as you pleasure your most intimate areas and enjoy safe anal play and ult..


Rocks Off 7 Speed 40 Lixxx Cock Ring Red

Stretchy lip shaped cock ring with a 7 speed removable bullet..



Get your rocks off adult products

Masturbating is an activity that can help to reduce stress level. At some point everyone does it. There are so many devices that are designed and developed for enhancing pleasure while you satisfy yourself. Sex toys are as common as any other toy. The problem that you will encounter with these toys is quality. In the past many of these toys were considered health hazards due to their construction material and in some rare cases the way they were designed. Problems like this have all but been eliminated. Toys these days must be made with and of the highest quality.

There are many places you can get these toys to buy. You can get them online from many established entities. There is a place you can go to get the best designed toys in the UK, Rocks-Off. They are the best place to get your bullets, g-spot vibrators, pleasure sets, prostate massagers and a lot more toys. With so many places offering these toys how do you know where to go to get your toy. Not all these places provide quality. You need to find a company that provides the best quality of the products that you desire. Rocks-Off is that type of company that will provide the best products to its customers.

Adult Toys

Rocks-Off provide adult toys for all types of people with all different preferences. They provide toys for boys, girls, couples and for other experiences. Just providing the product would make this company, like other sex toy manufacturer and provider. This is not Rocks-Off. This is a toy manufacturer and provider that prioritize safety use of their products. Sex toys need to be safe and made from safe materials. There are some unscrupulous companies that only care about making money and this result in them providing low quality products. Products like these will cause injuries to not only customers but also for the providers. The products and quality provided are what makes Rocks-Off one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of adult toys in the UK.

The silicone that the company uses in the construction of their products is a body-safe product. The material has no scent, it is hypoallergenic and it is safely compatible with lubricants that are not silicone based. Silicone is not the only material that is used in making products for this company. They also use plastic. Plastic can be a very dangerous material and care must be taken when producing items from this material in the use of certain applications. ABS plastic of the highest grade is used in Rocks-Off toys. It too has no scent and is an inert material. This is one of the safest plastics to use in making certain items. The company prides itself on providing quality products that are safe for everyone to use. The products provided by Rocks-Off are tested to ensure they meet all standard in safety regulation. This includes electromagnetic and electrical safety test, hazardous tests and phthalates. All the toys manufactured by this company have passed all safety standards.

Safety is key

There have been too many reports of people suffering because they use a product that was not safe. Sex toys are the last items that you want to have safety issues. Your sexual organs are very delicate and it does not take much for you to cause damage to them, especially if you are using a product that is deemed unsafe by any regulation.

It is important to have variety and Rocks-Off offers the most variety of adult sex toys on the market. They ensure you find the toy that is the perfect to satisfy your needs. Everyone has their own preferences and desires and they need specific toys to help reach that point of climax. It takes some people a lot more time and effort to reach your climax and the best tool for the job may not always be the same for everyone. This is a sensitive subject for many people and they are not comfortable with others knowing their business. The site is one that provides all its customers with the option to purchase discretely and privately. This eliminates any chance of private information getting leaked to the public.

Customer Service

Customer service is important to any and every business. If your customers are not satisfied then it is more likely they will visit somewhere else to get their product. Customer service is key to all industries. Rocks-Off provide you with the best customer service they can. There will never be a time when you are not able to reach customer support. This company provides you with the necessities to enjoy your experiences.

There are many toys to choose from and a large variety to please everyone. If you are new to sex toys you are probably familiar with the products. There are a few different categories and items you can choose from. Not all items are designed for everyone and you must be sure of what you want and what will work for you. It is up to you to decide the best tool for the job you want to be done.

Toys for boys

Sex toys are available on the market for everyone. Some people use them and some people don’t. There are more people that use these toys than you can imagine. Rocks-Off manufactures toys for everybody. The Rocks-Off Cheeky boy is designed for anal pleasure. It comes in a neatly packaged cardboard box. It has a similar shape design of its predecessors, but has more ridges for added pleasure. It also comes equipped with an RO-80 multi-speed setting. If you enjoy being teased, but not and left frustrated this is the ideal toy for you. It is designed for anal pleasure but can be used as you see fit. It will provide hours of pleasure for both men and women.

The Rocks-Off Bad Boy is another product that is highly favored by many. It is not the ideal toy for beginners, but it will still provide the best experience if you try it. It is a bit big for many who use it, but it is still not bigger than the average penis and with a little lube and determination you can derive hours of pleasure from this toy. It is manufactured using flexible silicone of the highest grade, hypoallergenic which makes the toy very safe to use and enjoy. It is easy to clean the toy after use with some soap and warm water.

They are many toys designed to give pleasure to men. In this class the Rocks-Off Big Boy is enormous and this goes for its popularity and the size of the toy. It is designed to provide pleasure to the anus, the prostate and the perineum on a level that is not common to many. It has a waterproof design and it is hypoallergenic. This is a bigger toy than most and it may be problematic for some people who begin to use this toy. There are some experts that are still not able to master the item because of its size.

The Rude Boy massager is another toy from Rocks-off that provides double the pleasure to the prostate and to the perineum. The device comes equipped with a 1.5 volt battery that will give you a strong but silent vibration experience. Once you position the toy the right way you are guaranteed hours of pleasure. Once the toy is lubricated you can sit on it or you can lie back and enjoy yourself. This could be the ideal toy for anyone who enjoys having their anus pleasured. This could be the best toy you ever bought courtesy of Rocks-Off. It is not a small toy and if you are not used to the size it will cause you some discomfort, but if you are willing to try, once you get used to the size it will be a source of endless pleasure.

Toys for girls

The Rocks-Off mini vibrator is a device designed for women. Unlike many of its kind this vibrator only has one speed, fast. If you are looking for a device that provides you with many speeds, this is not for you. If you are seeking a device that is ready to go full blast right off the bat, this is the vibrator for you. It produces less noise than the average vibrator so you can take it and use it almost anywhere you go. The device is waterproof, but care must be taken to ensure that the battery compartment is securely fastened. The battery life is not that much and the type of battery used is not commonly found in the home. You will need to make sure you stack up on batteries. It is not the ideal device to take in the bath with you, but it works perfectly well in the shower. It is perfect for the woman who is looking for a simple designed, small and compact vibrator.

Vibrators are the most favorites of sex toys for women. They are easy to use and clean and they can be taken with you almost anywhere. The finger vibrators are a smaller modified version of vibrators. It is designed like a sleeve that you warp your finger in. The vibration travels through your fingers to provide pleasure every time you make contact. It is soft and extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the IntraMed construction material used in the design. It is powered by an RO-80mm bullet. The bullet is easy to remove and can be used separately. It is a waterproof device that drains the life of batteries very fast. The finger vibrator is very versatile and packs a huge punch for such a small device. It is easy to use the device. You simply slip your finger in the sleeve and fondle the most sensitive spots, clit, vagina or anus. This toy is guaranteed to provide endless pleasure for all women.

There are several types of bullet vibrators and love eggs available that will provide the desired pleasures. There is a sex toy available for anyone and everyone. If you are looking for the best the sex toy industry has to offer you need to invest in a toy from Rocks-Off. The company has a large fan base and a track list of satisfied customers. These are two of the most important things for a company to provide. Quality in the products they offer and a great reputation for customer service. This is a company that will help you find the best toy to fulfill your sexual needs. This is a company that takes pride in knowing that they are providing only the best products of the highest quality to their customers.

The Rocks-Off website

Rocks-Off not only provide the sex toy that you need, but they also instruct you on how to use, keep and care the devices. Their websites give detailed instruction on how to clean and care your toy as well as directions on how to properly use them. A sex toy can cause serious damage if it is used incorrectly, especially if the toy is a sizable one. They explain how to make the battery last as long as they can and the best cleaning agents to use on the device. The toys are electronic so care has to be taken when cleaning them. Not all these devices are made waterproof and extreme care has to be taken when cleaning your toy. If you are an amateur just getting into sex toys, then Rocks-Off is the place to go to get the best manufactured toys on the market.

The Rocks-Off website is easy to navigate and it is very user-friendly. They offer a vast range of products to choose from to get that climax you’ve been longing for. All products form Rocks-Off comes with a year’s guarantee. The activation code for this comes in the booklet you get with your toy.

You can get Rocks-Off products directly from the manufacturers or you can get them at a retailer. You are still entitled to a full year guarantee.

Rechargeable toys

There are some toys that are available that are rechargeable. At Rocks-Off, you are given instruction on how to properly charge your device. Doing this wrong could lead to your toy being damaged or worse. The products provided by Rocks-Off come with their own charger. You should never use anything other than a plug adapter made by the company specifically for that device. The adapter the device comes packaged with should be the only adapter that is used to charge the item. This will eliminate the charge of overcharging the item or damaging the batteries because of the high voltage. It is very important for you to know that is not recommended that you use the device while it is being charged. This can lead to very serious injuries or compromising situations that you don’t ever want to be caught up in.

There are not many companies like Rock’s-Off that provide toys of this quality to people of all preference. They are one of the leading manufacturers of sex toys today. They not only sell these toys to you but they made sure to provide a community where like-minded individuals can congregate and exchange bits of information and more. Sometimes a newbie is intimidated and needs to be around people like themselves. Not all people are open to sex toys and exploration and they can be cruel at times to those who are. The community provided by Rocks-Off ensures that you have at least one safe place where you can be who you are and not get judged by hypocrites.

Using sex toys are not always as simple as pulling it out the box and putting it to work. Most times you have to make preparations before you use them. If you are not careful when using some of these toys regardless of manufacturer, you can seriously damage yourself. Lubricants are very important when using sex toys. Unlike the human body toys don’t automatically lubricate themselves. It is a well-known fact that the lack of lubrication in most sexual activities can and will result in damage or injuries. The people at Rocks-Off know how important the right lubricant is and they make sure to provide a wide range of them. Not all lubricants are the same and made from the same ingredients and some work better with certain toys than others. This is information that you can access on the company’s website.

In conclusion

Everyone has different sexual preferences and not all companies in the sex industry cater for everyone. Most of these companies provide services for a specific niche. When you do find a place that caters for everyone, often time their products lack quality. This is what makes Rocks-Off such a special company. They manufacture and distribute sex toys for everyone with all types of preferences and fetishes. This is a company that puts the safety, comfort and satisfaction of their customers as a top priority. The products they manufacture are made from only the highest quality material with the least chance of causing damage or harm to their customers. The company provides a community and another medium where customers can gather information on the best products for their specific needs. They provide instructions and recommendations for the use of their products. There is nothing worse than breaking a new toy. The problem is that you have no control over these situations. Rocks-Off provides a one-year guarantee on all their products. It does not matter where you shop, as long as you purchase a Rocks-Off brand product, you are entitled to a one-year guarantee.

When you analyze what this company is and the products they offer you will realize they might be the best in their industry. There is no other company that offers what they do in terms of product and helpful information. This is the best place for a newbie to shop. They will get the information they need and recommendations on the items they are looking for. Customer service is key for certain types of businesses in certain industries. The sex toy business is very personal and special care needs to be taken when dealing with customers. There are many people that are intimidated by the process of purchasing these types of toys. Without proper customer service business such as these in this industry will lose customers. There are people that wish to keep certain activities out of the public eyes and without great customer service this might not be the case.

If you are looking for the best, safest and newest design in sex toy you need to visit the Rocks-Off website and check their inventory. There is a toy there for everyone. They provide private purchase for the extra shy people that want to purchase a toy, but don’t want anyone to know that they have done so. This is the place to find the best toys for beginners and for expert toy users. Care must be taken when using the toys or there could be injuries. The Rocks-Off website provides information on how to use their devices. You will also learn how to keep and care your toys in the best way. This is a company that has a great track record of satisfied customers and is a very reputable entity. There is no place on the web where you can visit and get the products and services that Rocks-Off provides. Their products are manufactured from the hypoallergenic material that ensures you won’t have discomfort after or while using the items. If there is a better company that offers more, they are yet to be discovered. Rocks-Off is the best in the industry right now and there are many customers that will concur with that statement. Visit the website and browse, you are guaranteed to find a toy that is right for you and or your partner.