How to put and use a vibrating cock ring

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How to put and use a vibrating cock ring


The vibrant cock ring is often the first sex toy that couples decide to buy, and it is one of the most popular sex toys sold.

His talents are many, because it can not only help boost the size of the male erection and make it harder, but it can also increase the libido of the wearer. And when the cockring is equipped with a mini vibrator, it also stimulates the clitoris. Everyone wins.

Knowing that he is able to give pleasure to both partners at once, we understand very quickly why the ring cockring (or penis ring) is so popular for sex. CalExotics-silicone-jack-rabbit-ring


Styles and materials


There are different styles of vibrating cockring ring, the most basic consisting of a simple ring equipped with a mini vibrator on the top.

The double cockroach rings are composed of two rings forming a single sex toy that allows obtaining a double compression of the male sex.


Yes, but how does it work?


The cockroach rings can either be placed on the shaft, one in front of the testicles and the other behind, either placed one on the penis, in front of the testicles, and the other under the penis, just above the testicles.

  • The cheapest cockrings are usually made from skin-friendly rubber, a highly extensible material that is compatible with the use of water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Make a visit to CalExetics toys for the best results now.
  • In mid-range, the materials used include TPE and PVC.
  • If TPE is very elastic, it often contains latex, a material not recommended for sensitive skin or who are allergic to it.
  • PVC, for its part, is like silicone a less elastic material.
  • In the high-end category, cockrings are frequently made of silicone, a material that, if less flexible, has the advantage of being hypoallergenic.
  • How to put and use an extensible cockring ring in place
  • Easier to set up than rigid models, the expandable cock ring is the perfect choice for beginners. He slips on an erect penis.


Start by covering the inside of your cockring with a little water-based lubricant, then stretch it with your hands and slide it to the base of the penis. If it is a double penis ring, first stretch the larger of the two rings to pass your testicles through before passing the shaft into the second ring.

Once the penis ring is in place, you will notice a slight congestion of the penis. Indeed, the pressure on the sex by the ring encourages the inflow of blood to the penis and can help give you erections more imposing, harder and more durable.

When you feel comfortable with your penis ring, turn on the vibrations. If your mini vibrator is multi-speed or multi-function, test the various options available to discover your favorite.


The best positions for maximum pleasure


To get the most out of your vibrating cock ring, focus on all the positions that will allow the mini vibrator to directly stimulate the clitoris, that is, where the woman rides the man, as well as the position of the missionary. So that the mini vibrator can maintain maximum contact with the female partner and give him maximum pleasure, also prefer rubbing rather than back and forth.


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