Facebook launches a matrimonial service!

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Facebook launches a matrimonial service, Tinder's company response: Their product will be perfect for US-Russia relations!



Facebook announced Tuesday its intention to launch on the matrimonial sites market and insisted on its efforts to protect the personal data of its users after the outbreak of the British Cambridge Analytica cabinet, informs AFP.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook social networking CEO, made this announcement at a meeting on the occasion of the Day of Online Developers Day in San Jose, Californian. He added that this new matrimonial function does not aim at facilitating punctual meetings, but to help people build sustainable relationships through the social network.


"The new service will be designed to build authentic and lasting relationships, not just for one-night meetings," he said, pointing out that out of the 2 billion social network users about 200 million are single


Mark Zuckerberg nu a precizat daca noul serviciu online va fi disponibil pe baza de abonament dar, pana in prezent, majoritatea functiilor utilizate pe aceasta platforma online sunt gratuite.


Reprezentantii Facebook au precizat ca utilizatorii vor putea sa creeze "un profil pentru intalniri", diferit de profilul prezentat pe pagina lor de Facebook, si ca partenerii potentiali vor fi recomandati pe baza datelor incluse in acel profil nou.


Match Price, Match.com, one of America's top online subscription-based subscription sites, dropped Wall Street by 17% after Mark Zuckerberg's announcement. Joey Levin, chief executive of Match.com, Tinder and other dating platforms, has reacted to this option launched by Facebook, saying the product will be great for US-Russia relations, according to businessinsider.com



Among the other innovations announced on Tuesday is the possibility for Facebook users to delete their online browsing history.


"This feature will allow you to see the sites and applications that send us information when you use them, suppress this information from your account and deactivate our ability to store them in the future," said Facebook representatives on a blog .


"If you delete your history or use the new parameter, we will remove the identification information so that the history of the sites and applications that you have used will not be associated with your account," the same source explained.


"We will continue to provide aggregated analysis applications and sites - for example, we can generate reports when we receive this information so we can tell developers if their applications are most popular among men or women in a particular age group, "said the same source.


User security


This new feature wishes to address the concerns raised by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which broke out after the media found that this online data analysis office used Facebook's personal data for political purposes.


At the developers' conference called "F8," there are about 5,000 online specialists, in the context in which Facebook reduced the volume of data they can collect from the social networking site following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, thus reducing them the ability to make an economic profit from their presence in the online space.


Mark Zuckerberg insisted during his presentation that Facebook's goal is "to ensure user security."


"What happened with Cambridge Analytica is a grave breach of our trust." This developer took possession of the data and sold it, and we need to make sure that will not happen again, " said Mark Zuckerberg.


"As you all know, we've reduced the amount of data that developers can ask people to communicate," the Facebook CEO added. "There are still other measures to be taken," he admitted.


Mark Zuckerberg also said that Facebook allocates important resources for identifying and neutralizing "harmful applications", and that social network users now have more freedom to adjust their privacy parameters.


Among the other projects announced on Tuesday is the "crisis" function, which will allow social network users to share important information about a situation in a crisis area, such as closing roads, firing a fire, and raising water levels. In the same registry, a function called "blood donation" will be implemented to allow volunteers to find a medical center in their vicinity.


Instagram, a Facebook-owned online photo and video sharing service, offers in turn augmented reality features for videos, and platform users will also be able to communicate with each other through a video service.


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