JUNE: Gay Pride Calendar - International Cities

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JUNE: Gay Pride Calendar - International Cities


Celebrate LGBT Pride June 2018 with ErossPlayLa!















If you’re like us, you take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate. Check out the Gay Pride International Calendar and Gat Pride European Calendar to find a Gay Pride parade or event in a city near you.


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Aarhus, Denmark

June 2

Aarhus Pride

Athens, Greece

June 9

Athens Pride

Bali, Indonesia


Bali Pride

Barcelona, Spain

June 22-30

Barcelona Pride

Blackpool, UK

June 8-10

Blackpool Gay Pride

Bogota, Colombia


Colombia Pride Diversa

Bologna, Italy


Bologna Pride

Budapest, Hungary

June 8-July 9

Budapest Pride

Coatzacoalcos, Mex

June 20

Ensenada Pride

Coventry, UK

June 9-10

Coventry Pride

Cumbria, UK


Cumbria Pride

Dublin, Ireland

June 21-30

Gay Pride Dublin

Edinburgh, Scotland

June 16

Edinburgh: Pride Scotia

Edmonton, Canada

June 8-17

Edmonton Pride

Ensenada, Mexico

June 9-10

Ensenada Pride

Essex, UK

June 16

Essex Gay Pride

Gloucestershire, UK


Gloucestershire Pride

Guadalajara, Mexico

June 9

Guadalajara Pride

Hannover, Germany

May 19-20

Hannover CSD

Helsinki, Finland

June 25-July 1

Helsinki Gay Pride

Ibiza, Spain

June 13-16

Ibiza Gay Pride

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Pride

Lethbridge, Canada

June 15-23

Lethbridge Pride

Lisbon, Portugal

May 30- June 4

Lisbon Bear Pride

London, UK

June 22-July 7

London Pride

London, UK

June 22-July 7

UK Black Pride

Madrid, Spain

July 4-8

WE Party Madrid

Mainz, Germany

June 30

Mainz CSD

Manila, Philippines

June 30

Manila Metro Pride

Mexico City, Mexico

June 23

Mexico City Pride

Milan, Italy

June 1-22

Milano Pride

Ontario, Canada

June 9-16

Thunder Bay Pride

Oslo, Norway

June 23-June 30

Oslo Pride

Oxford, UK

May 25-June 3

Oxford Gay Pride

Paris, France

June 30

Paris Gay Pride March

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

June 4-10

Playa del Carmen Pride

Puerto Rico

June 3

San Juan: Puerto Rico Pride

Puerto Rico

June 10

Boqueron: Puerto Rico Pride

Portsmouth, UK


Portsmouth Pride

Regina, Canada

June 8-17

Regina: Queen City Pride

Rome, Italy

June 9

Roma Pride

Saskatoon, Canada

June 10-25

Saskatoon Pride

Seoul, South Korea


Korea Queer Festival

Shanghai, China

June 8-18

Shanghai Pride

Sitges, Spain

June 14-18

Sitges Gay Pride

Sofia, Bulgaria

June 9

Sofia Bulgaria Pride

Suffolk, UK


Suffolk Pride

Surrey, Canada

June 30

Surrey Pride

Swansea, UK


Swansea Gay Pride

Sydney, Aus.

June 9-28

Sydney Pride Festival

Tel Aviv, Israel

June 8

Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Tijuana, Mexico

June 16

Tijuana Pride

Toronto, Canada

June 22-24

Pride Toronto

Vienna, Austria

June 9-18

Vienna Pride

Warsaw, Poland

June 9

Warsaw Equality Pride

Winnipeg, Canada

May 25-June 3

Pride Winnipeg

York, UK


York Pride

Zagreb, Croatia

June 9

Zagreb Pride

Zurich, Switzerland

June 8-17

Zurich Pride

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