How to Store Sex Toys Safely?

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How to Store Sex Toys Safely?



Sex toys are intimate items which are very nice in adding pleasure in our daily sex life. Some examples include dildos, cock rings, anal beads,harnesses, vibrators feathers among others.


These objects can be used by partners or when you are alone. Materials used to manufacture these toys are generally categorized in two that is, porous and nonporous. It doesn’t matter which material is used on any toy but generally, they should always be kept clean.


Therefore storing them carefully and safely would reduce contaminations and increase sex toy lifespan.

The following are ways to store sex toys:



Wash your sex toy before after use



Always ensure that you wash your sex toy after use and with the correct lubricant. One specific type of lubricant is the Silicon lube, it can cause failure of silicon toys to use, for this ensure that you use it on the recommended toy. Washing or wiping them will ensure that they are safe from contamination.

You might want to also rinse them off before you use them. If your vibrator or dildo is left out or in contact with other objects, it can collect lint, pet hair, or dust, and will benefit from a quick wash before use.



Don't immerse battery operated toy in water



Ensure that sex toys which use batteries to operate are not dipped in water, all you need is to dip a clean cloth in water that is warm and wipe it.



Wash and clean with the right lube



Ensure that you clean your sex toy with the correct and recommended lube, usually lubricants or sope with no scent are the best and avoid the antibacterial ones. Avoid sanitizers they are not the best choice .

If you want a more discreet option, you can also go for a toy cleaner, like these.



Inspect them on a routine basis to ensure no damage was done



Many of these intimate toys are at a risk of physical damage. Very hard plastic toys can crack, this is a great risk of

damage to delicate vulva skin. Soft toys which are made of rubber or jelly can also rip.


The ones that are made of glass can get chipped. For these reasons ensure that you carry out regular basis

check-up and above all replace the damaged ones.



Use a condom on shared toys



Some sex toys are usually shared it's very imperative to always use a condom and a new on them these are

to prevent STls transmission through shanng.



Replace old with new ones



Some materials used to make these objects do not last that long, or even due to overuse some of them start

to fall apart. Due to mechanical destruction, others can have small and tiny holes which can act as hiding

zones for bacteria and also STDs, this can cause a great risk mostly in those which are shared.

PS: Don't just toss them in your bedside drawer



Store them when dry.



Ensure you wash and dry your toy to avoid creating an environment for mold and mildew which contaminate

sex toys, therefore, creating an environment for bacteria. Sex toys are used in our daily sexual lives,We should ensure that they are clean and stored in the right manner.This is to ensure that they are in their proper conditions.



When not using your vibrator, take out the batteries 



Leaving the batteries inside your sex toys can actually harm them more than you think, causing corrosion and drain the battery life, since they're conducting at a low charge when in the toy. There are few more disappointing things than a faint sexual toy!


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