How to Use Pure Silicone Roxy

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Whether you've never tasted the pleasures of vibrators before, or whether you're practicing the exercise, it's important to know how to get the most out of this little orgasm dispenser. Because it's not just about loading it, pressing the button and putting it where you know. An expert from Love honey gives us all the secrets of a very, very, very good masturbation with a sex toy.


Find the right vibrator


The number one rule before even going to practice is to find the vibrator that suits us. Because each person is different.


A Bullet vibrator


Bullet vibrators are perfect allies for beginners. Their characteristics: small size, certainly, but great power of stimulation of the clitoris. 

Their size and format makes them very easy to use, especially since they are discreet, rather quiet and very inexpensive.


A rabbit vibrator


Here is the king of orgasm combined: with the rabbit, get ready to achieve clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm at the same time.

For those who do not like compromise.


A classic vibrator


Those who like to go straight to the point will appreciate the good old classics: they simply reproduce the shape of our beloved penises, with a well-tapered butt to ensure optimal stimulation of the erogenous zones.


A magic wand vibrator


No need to be an avid fan of Harry Potter to appreciate the vibe wand vibe. Known to offer a one-way orgasm, this wand just waiting to be brandished where it is fun (especially on the clitoris).

Bonus: it works even through clothes


A clitoral pebble


Like chopsticks, pebbles are sex toys without penetration that aim to stimulate the clitoris. Their rounded format, which perfectly matches the female gender, has contributed to their immense success in recent years.

The vibro wand, a one-way to orgasm.


A G-spot vibrator


G-spot vibrators have an inclined tip specially designed to reach the anterior wall of the vagina where the sacra-holy point G is nestled. You do not believe in it? Try it.


Use a vibrator well: find your own source of pleasure


To explore

  • You do not even imagine what the clitoris is capable of. The little flower that protrudes from your lips is only the submerged part of this organ. The vibro can stimulate it (very) in depth.
  • That said, among the countless paths that lead to pleasure, you find yours, groping if necessary.
  • Test several levels of vibration, apply lubricant if necessary, position the vibrator directly on the clitoris or around, or step aside and put it on the lips instead.
  • Some women prefer to fully cover the clitoris to mute the vibrations; others prefer to graze just the clit with the sex toy...
  • It's up to you to find the place and the style that puts you directly on the highway of orgasm.


Use all available settings


Sex toys are more and more sophisticated and offer a wide range of options and settings to satisfy all desires.

It is therefore very wise to test different modes and different levels of speed and pressure, not only to find what we like, but also to test new experiences, with only one small toy for adults. If it's not magic, that.


Learn to delay orgasm with a vibrator


By dint of training, one becomes an expert of his own vibro. How to move to the next step? By transposing the method of peaking to our experience of solo sex.

Just get to the edge of orgasm and delay it a little bit, just a little.

We use his vibrator so as to be right on the edge of orgasm, and to delay, a little (just a little).

It involves a momentary withdrawal of the sex toy, a slowing of the rhythm; a relaxation of the pressure exerted on the clitoris ... The whole thing is to do it several times, until reaching a stage where one feels such tension that the least caress can literally explode.


Inviting her vibrator in her sex two


A simple vibrator can work miracles couple.


Come tickling your partner's testicles with a vibro wand to spice up a missionary; to raise the excitement during foreplay by stimulating her nipples, her brake, her perineum or what do I know yet.

The reciprocates also works (and how.) Encourage him to use a vibrator on you, or use it yourself to stimulate your clit during a doggy style and offer you a beautiful combined orgasm.

These are just a few examples of the many exploration possibilities offered by our happy vibrators.


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