How do you go about it the first time with Scandal Universal Cuffs?

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How do you go about it the first time with Scandal Universal Cuffs?



The most important thing about Bondage is not technique, but confidence and serenity: feel comfortable first and foremost. You must agree on your limits, put the taboos on the table, and know how far you can go. To trust each other is already the beginning of this new adventure. Start softly and wrap your eyes, whip, treat yourself gently, and use soft, supple leather. You will quickly notice how these innocuous practices can quickly turn out to be exciting. Scandal-Universal-Cuffs-Calexotics


To know how to say stop


Find a code or a simple way to slow down your partner in his ardor as soon as you feel your limits. In the middle of bondage two possible codes: one word to slow down your practices, another to stop everything.


How to move to the next step?


A little spanking here and there is not enough anymore? Do you want more? You are ready to enter the mysterious and deep world of Bondage soft version. Let your creativity speak. Do not impose any limit. Try different accessories, ropes, links, adhesives, whips, and find out what is right for you.


Take your time.


For beginners or the curious: start slowly, progress with attention for an apogee of desire.


Are there things to know and not to miss?


There is no magic formula that would reveal the secret of bondage but there are some tips to follow for a successful experience. It is always advisable to give up good old habits to indulge in novelty. Let the ordinary passive person take the lead and play the opposite - active role - to discover the other side of desire.


How to find the right product?


It's by trying to learn. Let yourself go, the assortment of items is big enough to be well run. Discover also our toy guide to progress in the exciting sphere of passion for submission. No matter what direction you take.


Bondage games are only in absolute confidence.


The handcuffs are great and it's good for everything - almost. It is in any case an essential accessory in sexual games, or even the first accessory to have fun for two (that's it or scrabble, to choose).


But how (well) to choose his handcuffs?


We offer you a summary of the various models of handcuffs that can be found in sexshop, to help you choose among:

  • The "Love cuffs"
  • Simple metal handcuffs
  • Elastic handcuffs
  • Vinyl ones
  • And those in leather


Not very thick metal, with synthetic fur around and a pair of optional keys as the handcuff is unlocked with the small security snap on the side.


Where to find them


In our sexshop online,best deal with adult store near you.




They are not very expensive

We can find them elsewhere than sexshop, especially, often in shops where we sell various accessories Hello Kitty and company (I'll let you look for the report, person we have not found it yet)


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