What are Sex Lubes?

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What are Sex Lubes?


Almost all women experience natural vaginal lubrication during sexual excitement & arousal. However, the amount of lubrication produced varies from one woman to another. This variation is normal, and may either improve or affect one’s sex life. If you're experiencing “reduced lubrication,” you need to start using a sex lube for a more satisfying and pleasurable intercourse.


Reduced lubrication is common, and may result from hormonal changes in a woman’s body- during perimenopause, postmenopause, breastfeeding, etc, or caused by different types of medications, such as medications for ADHD & depression, hormonal forms of birth control, antihistamines, chemotherapy, etc.


What Are Sex Lubes?


“Sex Lubes" refers to sexual lubricants, made to help reduce friction during sex. They’re commonly used by women who experience vaginal dryness, but even those who produce enough vaginal wetness use them for a more comfortable sex. Overall, lubes result in a nice, slippery & smooth penetration not only during vaginal intercourse, but also during:


- Anal intercourse.


- Masturbation - using hands & fingers


- Masturbation - with a vibrator


- Sexy massage.


- Blowjob


Choosing a Sex Lube for Pleasure & Safety


There are many formulations of water, oil and silicone-based sex Iubes, meant for different types of sex. Within these categories, you’ll find flavored lubes for oral sex, lubes that contain spermicide such as nonoxynol-9, etc. To get the right one for your body & sexual preferences, you may need to experiment. Just buy small amounts of different brands or models, and then try them for a while.


1. Water-Based Lubes


These are considered to be the most user-friendly & healthy sex Iube. Water lubes doesn’t deteriorate latex, meaning they are safe to use with dams, condoms, diaphragms & other latex sex products. They are also nonirritating and easy to clean up afterward. However, a number of these lubes contains glycerin. So if you are prone to yeast infection, make sure that you select a glycerin-free one.


2. Oil & Oil-Based Lubes


Oil and oil-based sex Iubes aren’t recommended as vaginal lubricants since they change the PH of the vagina, and this encourages bacterial growth. They also break down latex condoms and other latex products.


3. Silicon-Based Lubes


Silicon-based lubes are safe to use with condoms & other latex products, work well underwater without being washed off, and are long-lasting. However, they should never be used with silicone toys, since they can ruin the toy’s surface. Moreover, silicone lubes doesn’t dry, which makes them harder to clean. You’ll need access to warm water & soap to remove them. Also, it will take some time for your vagina to eliminate the lubricant.


Step By Step Guide on How to Use Sex Lubes


Step 1: Get the Right Lube for You Needs


As explained above, lubrication choice is a personal matter. So if you are trying sex Iubes for the first time, we recommend that you buy small amounts of different brands or models, and then try them for some time.

You’ll definitely find the best one that works for you and your partner.


Step 2: Store the Lubricant in an Easily Accessible Place


Keep the sex Iube near your bed, where they can be reached with ease. Also, we recommend that you place some sachets in your car or purse, so that you can always be ready for spontaneous romance.


Step 3: Check the Instructions


Before you can use any lubricant, make sure that you go through the instructions that it comes with it. Following the directions will help you get the most out of the sex Iube.


Step 4: Test the Lube


If you have sensitive skin, it's recommended that you perform spot test either on your inner thigh or arm, a day before you can use the lubricant. This will help you determine if you have (or don’t have) an unwanted allergic reaction.


Step 5: Apply & Use the Lube


To avoid a “cold-shock," you can warm the lube in a mug of hot water. Then squirt it on your hands, rub your hands together and then apply it to your body, toy or on your partner's body.


Step 6: Review the Lubricant


Take a moment to determine whether the sex Iube worked for you or not. If you feel that it didn’t, you can try less, more or even a different brand.



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