Subjugation Guide for Apprentices

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Subjugation Guide for Apprentices



Subjugation is the act of bringing something or someone under complete control. You become the dominant one and the subject becomes submissive to you. An apprentice is a person who is learning an art or skill from a master of the same.


The urge to dominate is as old as time. It is the basic animal instinct especially among the male species to fight for the top position, or the alpha. It follows the basic law of thejungle, kill or be killed. This however, cannot be the case when it comes to intimacy. While domination is seen as the prize, submission is what is considered by most to be the power position.


This said, many newbies misunderstand the whole concept of domination when it comes to bedroom matters.

In the heat of the moment, many beginners will strive to overly exert themselves over their partner, often missing the whole point behind the concept of subjugation.


Imagine a potter working his clay to sculpt something. He feels the clay and lets his hands react to the clay, not vice versa. He feels the clay and works it according to the message he receives from it, and molds it accordingly.


When it comes to domination, it always starts from self. Like, what position would you like to play in that scenario? Some assume that simply because of their gender, they automatically should be the dominating or submissive partner.


Firstly, know what you are comfortable with before you venture into this wild land.


The idea is to please, not to be pleased. Strive to be a giver, for it is in giving that you receive. More importantly, choose your partners wisely. If you do this, then it becomes easier to attract exactly who you desire according to your tastes. It is important that you abandon the goal you had in mind, if it means enjoying exactly what your inner animal desires. Expectations lead to regret, so let go of those and have a good time. While aggression does not always achieve the desired heights of pleasure, it does not always mean better.

Communication will come in handy and helps you to better understand what your partner desires, for bothyour pleasure of course. Don't forget though, to appear gentle but not weak. Ultimately, your goal is to be the commanding force to your partner. Tame your inner animal but to too much.


While strength is a show of dominance, it sometimes takes a little vulnerability to completely disarm the other party. Be receptive and open to the new experience your partner may have for you. Hold your partner; don’t strive to be constantly in control as this means you may lose out on something. Wander into the unknown but don’t be too adventurous. Ride the edge but don’t go over it. And never forget that it is in how you care for your partner that ensures you achieve the heights of pleasure.


Finally, take care of your partner after the experience. This is one very important as it helps your partner feel completely comfortable around you. Let yourself loose, bring all you have to the table and own it. You are who you are, and your partner will appreciate seeing you in your most raw form, making them more receptive towards you. Always remember, you are there to give them pleasure in order to receive the same, so give everything you have and you will receive nothing less.



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