Valentines Day - Exciting Sex Toys for Couples

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Valentines Day - Exciting Sex Toys for Couples


Sex Toys Valentines Gifts for Couples





February 14 is approaching. You want a new sex toy in the bedroom and you still do not know what to choose? The celebration of love on Valentines Day has its origins centuries ago. And then it was a popular celebration by which couples showed their affection. Besides general recommendations, if you are an adult and form a couple, we suggest that you consider the experience of sexual toys that made it in 2018, which will surely increase both pleasure and intimacy of the couples in 2019. If you still get V-day alone and not in a relationship, do not forget that many of the adult toys we present can be used by flying solo. This year we made an impressive selection of toys from the affordable range, but also more expensive products that will empty your pockets, but certainly will spice up your life.




Around any holiday or event like Valentines Day that is expected to be "an unforgettable night” we need our moments of relaxation and preparation for the big moment.




DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Bubble Bath from System Jo



DONA Sassy Tropical Tease Bubble Bath System JoSeduce your partner's senses with a perfumed Dona Massage Lotion. This silky blend of aphrodisiacs, pheromones and supple flavours will leave your skin fragrant and irresistible to the touch. A delicate, non-fat lotion that moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin. Perfect for back, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and legs. Aphrodisiacs have been used to stimulate passion. It stimulates libido, enhances excitement and pleasure. Pheromones are the seductive secret weapon of the body; they increase your partner's desire in any situation. Dona - Perfect for an irresistible tinge. 






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Shiatsu Luxury Edible Body Oil Vanilla


Shiatsu Luxury Edible Body Oil Vanilla

Your lover will be ready for an exciting evening in bed with you once you open this Erotic Massage Shiatsu Luxury Oil. Put this sensual vanilla oil on your lover and then lick each delicate part. While enjoying this delicious vanilla oil, you can set the mood and create the desired experience for both. Create a soft, silky skin with a luxurious massage, and your partner will be ready for an exciting evening in bed with you. You can set the mood and create the most flavored experience together. Shiatsu Vanilla Erotic Massage Oil for couple makes a great gift both for your boyfriend and you. Celebrate v-day and other holidays along with sensual massage and oral sex using this edible oil-seed oil with extraordinary vanilla flavour. Spice your sex life with Shiatsu Luxury Composite Body Oil. Vanilla is perfect for generating a romantic mood. This excellent vanilla taste is perfect for both of you to explore one another more. Shiatsu Erotic Massage Oil for couples, combined with luxury vanilla has an excellent taste, while creates a sensual state. This delicious vanilla flavour oil is the perfect way to introduce a smooth, sensual taste in the bedroom. Give your lover a sensual massage with Shiatsu Luxury Body Oil and activate your senses.


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Bad Kitty Intimate Shower Anal Douche


Bad Kitty Intimate Shower Anal Douche

Prepare yourself for the big V-day!
Big enough to keep up to 100 ml of liquid, this perfectly anal shower is just the ticket for your anal cleaning. Made of waterproof soft rubber, Bad Kitty Shower Intimate Anal Douche comes with three different attachments to take the shower session to the next level.

You have a conical attachment for a precision shower, a slightly curved attachment to get deep inside the anus, plus a twisted attachment to add the texture when it is inserted inside you. Simply fill the shower, add an attachment, insert it into the anus and squeeze the bulb.



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Kama Sutra Love Essentials Travel Purse


Kama Sutra Love Essentials Travel PurseIf you are planning to take your lover into a romantic trip, a weekend getaway or mini vacation, don’t forget you need to seduce him as well.

The travel purse with love essentials from Kama Sutra includes:

  • OIL OF LOVE Raspberry Kiss: Kissable, water-based body oil. Size: .25 fl oz (7 ml).
  • HONEY DUST Raspberry Kiss: Kissable body powder with feather tickler for application. Size: .125 oz (3.5 g).
  • PLEASURE BALM SENSATIONS Raspberry Kiss: Kissable body gel. Size: .125 fl oz (3.5 ml).
  • INTENSIFY PLUS AROUSAL GEL Warming gel for her: Enhances female satisfaction. Size: .25 fl oz (7 ml).
  • LOVE LIQUID Classic: Personal, water-based lubricant. Size: .2 fl oz (6 ml).



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If you want a full pack of adult sex toys for celebrating Valentines Day, then you should consider getting sex kits.



4 Play Mini Couples Kit



4 Play Mini Couples KitThis Mini Play 4 Cup Kit is perfect for lovers who want to enhance their love. The set is made up of silicone rubber sleeves and a micro-bullet vibrator that can be used to stimulate: the vagina, the penis, the nipple or the anus.

Add the micro vibrator to the rabbit sleeve and use the eyelids to stimulate the clitoris. The soft silicone plug can be used for novice anal adventures. The nubby sleeve can be used for playing gently with your finger or why not try the nubby pencil cuff along with the bullet vibrator to turn your penis into a vibrator.

The kit is very fun and will improve your sex game and give you the night of your life .

Perfect for lovers wishing to enter sex toys world.

What come's out of the box:

  • Selection of silicone sleeves
  • A micro vibrator
  • Suitable for use with water based lubricants
  • Improve your sexual life
  • Use bullet on your own or with sleeves for stunning effects
  • Add stimulus to everything you do
  • Batteries included



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Lovers Choice Romantic Essentials Kit from Lovers Choice



Lovers Choice Romantic Essentials Kit Lovers ChoiceThis kit is perfect for a romantic escape for two.

Sometimes a little gesture is needed. Make yourself an unforgettable moment with the Romantic Essentials set.


It contains:

  • Perfumed Massage Cream
  • Perfumed Lipstick
  • Rose Silk Petals
  • Two Tea Lights, and
  • Essential Romantic Guise



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VacULock Crystal Jellies Harness Set from Doc Jonson



VacULock Crystal Jellies Harness SetDoc Johnson Crystal Kit gives couple games the chance to reach new heights of penetration, stimulation and pleasure.

This adult pleasure kit comes with everything you need to satisfy both partners. Make sure you use the water-based lubricant to ensure easy and sensational insertion. Clean up afterwards with the included sex toy cleaner and keep things fresh with the Vac-U powder.


What comes out of the box:

  • Unisex Supreme Harness that is Adjustable Up to 69 inches
  • O-Ring Compatible - Includes 3 Ring Sizes
  • Four Pink Crystal Jellies Attachments: 8 inches Ballsy Cock, 7.5 inches Classic Dong, 7.5 inches Perfect Prober, 6 inches Spiral Dong
  • Plug with Pad and Snaps
  • Suction Cup Plug
  • 4 fl. oz. Water-Based Lubricant
  • 4 fl. oz. Natural Toy Cleaner
  • 1 oz. Vac-U Powder



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For the couples that want some more exciting sensations with BDSM toys.




Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit from Toy Joy for BDSM beginners


Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit Toy JoyIf you take the first steps in the erotic world of BDSM, then the Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit can be the ideal starter kit for the BDSM you are looking for. This starter kit includes seven pieces so you can begin your fantasy of slavery.

The Amazing Bondage Sex Toy toy kit allows you to take command of the dominant or a subordinate part, including a set of black plastic handkerchiefs, a ball collar, an eye mask, a D central collar, black cotton rope, a pair of clamps and a whip.

Everything a novice in the game of slavery needs to experience a night of BDSM!



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Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit for advanced bdsm lovers



Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples KitElevate your bondage standards adventures to a new level with the Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit. Keep your lover's delight in a multitude of positions with the sleek bondage rope and use for the bondage tape to reinforce your command over her. Once the arms and feet are tied well, deprive her/him of their sight and begin the journey of erotic sensory deprivation with the cushioned blindfold. Punish her bottom using a thwack of the mini paddle and put in flavorful vibrations with bullet vibrator and the vibrating love ring.

Get ready with the addition of the slick butt plug for xtreme sensations. Best for the most naughty weekends away, holidays and Valentines Day.



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For those who like sex in the shower or in case you miss these moments, here are some of the best toys for shower sex made by Big Tease Toys:




I Rub My Duckie Black


I Rub My Duckie BlackFor those who still do not know about the famous Rub My Duckie, this is a waterproof personal body massager with soothing vibrations. Rub My Duckie is strong, but has a quiet motor. You just need to relax...and just-feel-good.



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I Rub My Duckie Paris - Travel Size Gold



I Rub My Duckie Paris Travel Size GoldFor the couples that plan a trip on Valentines Day, Rub My Duckie Travel Size is perfect! It brings a renewed level of sophistication to your couple life. It provides amazingly powerful vibrations that will send delicious sensations throughout your body, and just like the other ducks, she is waterproof so your partner can offer you the best sensations even underwater!


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Sex In The Shower Suction Hand Cuffs from SportSheets


Sex In The Shower Suction Hand CuffsWho said that bondage can’t be done in bathrooms?

These are one of a hell handcuffs, comfortable and sturdy neoprene and velcro cuffs attached to industrial strength suction cups. They work perfectly on any smooth surface including windows, glass doors, car window, and kitchen counters.



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Would you love to experience clitoral stimulation during Valentines Day foreplay?




Lelo Sona Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager Cerise


Lelo Sona Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager CeriseThis adult toy is a new whole pleasure concept coming from Lelo. It’s a clitoris massager that stimulates its area and produces a different kind of orgasm with his „sonic, but gentle waves”. It has 8 powerful resonating settings; it is fully waterproof and goes underwater. Lelo Sona Cruise will keep your pleasure exact right!



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Lelo Alia Deep Rose Luxury Waterproof Rechargeable Massager


Lelo Alia Deep Rose Luxury Waterproof Rechargeable MassagerAlia it’s a new generation of playful intimate massage with an elegant aspect and gorgeous simplicity. This is one of the best couple-friendly toy and not only that is a great gift idea, but your partner will deliver a winning orgasm through six variable modes.



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Would you love to have a new experience while PIV with your partner?




We-Vibe Match


We-Vibe MatchMatch is one of the latest addition from We-Vibe couples’s line. It’s not cheap, but as soon as you try it you will know why. This couple sex toy is slim, has a comfortable design, it is waterproof and it delivers 10 vibrations types remote intensity controlled.

When toy is not used you can rest your Match in its discreet charging base for around 90 minutes.

What really brings We-Vibe Match? Intensified dual stimulation and shared pleasure during sex. The powerful vibes stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris area.



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WeVibe Anniversary Collection


WeVibe Anniversary CollectionWeVibe Anniversary Collection is an adult toy released to celebrate ten years of bringing couples toghether. It contains two of the most loved types of vibrators, the no. 1 couples vibrator and the most powerful mini-vibe in limited-edition cosmic purple, together with an exclusive, travel-ready play case. Both toys are waterproof and easy to enjoy anywhere.



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WeVibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls


WeVibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel BallsIf you were looking for the ultimate pelvic trainer, We-Vive Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls is the one. Kegel balls are made from soft silicone and come with three interchangeable weights that will allow you to customize your exercises for all levels of training. The Bloom provides ten settings from Low to High and as well Pulse, Wave, Massage and more for best exciting feelings. Its also compatible with the free We Connect app that has even more features you can apply.



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Most popular Dual Stimulation sex toys for couples of 2018 just as good in 2019




Satisfyer Pro for Couples


Satisfyer Pro for CouplesHow do we call this toy in one word? GLAMOUR!

When you buy this adult toy you need to get ready for your life to change.

Satisfyer Pro for Couples has an ergonomic shape with silky-soft cover that fits perfect in your hand, delivering ten powerful vibes which will stimulate both the penis and vagina during love making. Both partners will be satisfied; she can also have her clitoris stimulated, while he will enjoy the feeling of added tightness round his penis.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples will open a new world of erotic games when worn during PIV and can stimulate both partners simultaneously.

For V-day this toy comes with pleasure guaranteed for couples!



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Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Vibrator


Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples VibratorSame as Satisfyer Pro for Couples, this vibrator, Partner plus Couples, is an upgraded design compared to the previous model and is made to be worn during lovemaking and to stimulate both partners.

The shape of this toy allows stimulating the clitoris, while the other side is inserted vaginally during intercourse and stimulating the G-spot.

While Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Vibrator is used by the female, vagina gets narrower and intensifies the feelings for the male’s penis.

Satisfyer Partner Plus is made of body friendly silicone and is waterproof.



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Lelo Tiani 2 Cerise Couples Vibrator


Lelo Tiani 2 Cerise Couples VibratorLelo Tiani 2 Cerise Couples Vibrator is another toy worn internally by women while having sex.

What is so fantastic about it?

Tiani 2 Cerise has a feature patented by LELO’s exclusive SenseMotion technology which allows the remote holder to control 8 vibe Stimulation Modes - 2 SenseMotion and 6 Standard Control. It has power increased by 50% than the previous model and wireless range increased by three times.

For short this is one of the best sex toy for couples to share bigger climaxes.



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Lelo Tiani 3 Black Luxury Rechargeable Massager


Lelo Tiani 3 Black Luxury Rechargeable MassagerLelo honors his fans and not only keeps the features and standard, but they create better toys for couples.

Tiani 3 is the new and improved version of LELO's original Red Dot Design Award-winning couple’s massager, the toy worn by women when making love. The power of vibes provides targeted sensations to the clitoris, while the smooth silicone design gives ultimate pleasure and comfort.

Our Lelo Tiani 3 Rechargeable Massager is the winner for the best adult toy for sharing simultaneous orgasms with your partner.



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Would you say Valentines Day is perfect for playing adult games and remembering movies?


Then consider Fifty Shades of Grey the perfect V-day Pack




Fifty Days of Play Naughty Adult Game from Creative Conceptions


Fifty Days of Play Naughty Adult Game Creative ConceptionsWho said adults don’t play games anymore? Inspired from Fifty Shades of Grey movie this is a sexy adult game for couples who want to spice things up.

Inside you will find 50 little glossy envelopes in five colors and one dice corresponding colored dots. Each color gradually increase games stake and that makes it a wonderful Valentines Day gift both for men or women!



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Fifty Shades Darker Release Together Rechargeable Love Ring


Fifty Shades Darker Release Together Rechargeable Love RingRelease Together Rechargeable Love Ring is designed to enhance extra pleasure during intercourse. Not like many others, this vibrating ring is fully waterproof and made from velvet-touch silicone, giving it both an elegant and luxury aspect.

This couple’s pleasure toy will jump in helping both partners boosting their fillings, and enjoy longer-lasting lovemaking sessions.



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Fifty Shades Of Grey Yours And Mine Vibrating Love Ring


Fifty Shades Of Grey Yours And Mine Vibrating Love RingIt's in his destiny that Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring to share pleasure and boost stimulation for adults during intercourse. This love ring is made from silicone and restricts blood flow enough to enlarge man’s erection and delay his ejaculation, but will keep you safe from other troubles found at steel cock rings for example.

While the ring is worn by your male partner, bullet presses against female clitoris and/or his balls for additional external stimulation.

Vibrations pass through his shaft creating an incredible internal stimulation.

In conclusion this stretch cock ring brings an exquisite attention to your lovemaking.



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Fifty Shades Of Grey Sweet Sting Riding Crop


Fifty Shades Of Grey Sweet Sting Riding CropThis luxurious riding crop will help you master and submit your partner. It is flexible, but strong which will enable you to alternate your punishment between soft tingling and harsh swings.

The tip of the Sweet Sting Riding Crop stimulates the nerve endings for increased sensitivity and obedience.

The crop is perfect for luxury bondage play, has nice leather details at wrist strap and tip and a soft rubber handle for a good grip. It's as easy and good to use both by beginners and b advanced ones in bondage play.



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Are you considering buying a new product butt plug for backdoor playing?




Kink Signature Black Butt Plug from Doc Jonson


Kink Signature Black Butt Plug Doc JonsonThis butt plug made by Doc Jonson is a premium silicone one, wearing Kink’s iconic red devil K Signature. It has a rounded plug and thick stem flex just enough to comfortably slide in thru your backdoor.

Kink Signature Black Butt Plug is a high-quality authentic fetish item, suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates into anal sex for women and men alike.

Consider this adult toy as a novel gift for the night of the Valentines Day and be shure that will be highly appreciated.



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Mood Naughty Butt Plug Trainer Set


Mood Naughty Butt Plug Trainer SetThis Butt Plug Trainer Set is perfect for those who want to prepare themselves for a naughty night.

The butt plugs are made from pink premium silicone and the box includes 3 different sized toys that will help the beginners gradually get into the naughty mood and train themselves for anal sex.

It is suitable both for men and women and also can be used in foreplay or used by your partner to stimulate the anal area.

The trainer set plugs are firm yet flexible and the curved rocker base makes these plugs comfortable and safe for extended wear.



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The Stretch Tunnel Medium Butt Plug


The Stretch Tunnel Medium Butt PlugWith this toy you can explore your partner back door and make anal penetration easier.

Tunnel can be used to insert fingers, lube, vibrator or even the penis right through the tunnel, for endless possibilities in bedroom play!

The Stretch Tunnel Medium Butt Plug is made of health grade silicone and reveals a two-tone finish for increased stimulation.



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Are you tired in sharing the same dong at a time?

Double ending dong for duo penetration is your answer!



Duo penetrators also known as double dongs are in fact dildos with a moulded head at each end.

Double ended dildos toys feature two insertable ends for both partners pleasure or just for enjoying double penetration just for yourself.

While considering to buy this adult toy you will have the choice of different materials, textures and colors, grip feature or even provides vibes.

When using double ending dongs make sure you have plenty water based lubricant and position yourself corectly for an easier penetration.

Some duo penetrators are firm, and some are more flexible and can bend in U shape for self playing.
Now, considering you know the basics, all you need is to experiment and find out what works best for you and your partner. Enjoy!



Double D Soft Dong from You2Toys


Double D Soft Dong You2ToysThis Double Dong designed by You2Toys is highly elastic and comes with two differently stimulating ends, one end in phallus shape with prominent veins which enhance the internal feelings when used vaginal or while anal penetration. The veins also provide more grip power so it can be handled better. The other is designed with stimulating grooves.
This double dong not only provides pleasure for both partners, but also different feeling in each end!
The toy can be used women and men alike and it’s also a great gift idea for gay couples in search for new sensations.



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King Cock Small Brown Double Trouble Dildo from Pipedream


King Cock Small Brown Double Trouble Dildo PipedreamThis double ended dong is perfect for couples that have an “afro” fetish, and want to introduce a new cock in their lives.

Manufactured from rubber this rock-hard stud duo penetrator will get you in the trouble with its design.

If you are looking for a carefully handcrafted cock, close attention to veins, to every shaft and every head, with exquisite detail. Then you found the perfect toy for the most realistic experience.



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Raging Hard Ons Double Dildo


Raging Hard Ons Double DildoBeside the features of similar toys before exposed, this double dildo has a flesh colour, is very flexible and has heavy prominent veins.
Using this toy will make you feel more every movement and is used by many for ramming and hard sex.
Make sure you have plenty lubricant when using this toy!





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Valentines Day is a great day for intimate celebrating. If you are not planning having a baby then you should consider birth control and protect yourself.

Easiest way to be safe from unwanted troubles is using condoms.

There are condoms that satisfy all tastes, for all those who say that condoms diminish pleasure there are thin types of condoms, for those who want to feel extra safe there are always thick condoms, or if you are in love with fruits and flavours we can offer flavour condoms too.


Romantic dinner or not every Valentines day is better when it ends with sex toys and pleasure for couples!

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