Advanced Jack Rabbit Waterproof by CalExotics

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Advanced Jack Rabbit Waterproof by CalExotics


Popularized with the movie "Sex and the City", the Rabbit vibrator has become the best selling sextoy for women. Stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoral part, it offers a unique experience. Suitable for both beginners and confirmed the Rabbit sextoy must be in all bedside tables.

Fan of vibrators rabbit or novice in the field, Lovehoney invites you to consult this guide to know how to best use your vibrator rabbit.advanced-jack-rabbit-waterproof-CalExotics

  • The vibrators rabbit are sex toys full of prowess. Equipped with a shaft for vaginal stimulation and small quivering rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, they have the great potential to reach mixed orgasms * for women.
  • Quickly discover our little tips to enjoy fully and deeply your vibro rabbit.
  • A mixed orgasm or double orgasm is an orgasm that is both clitoral and vaginal (or G).


How to use a rabbit vibrator


Once you've tamed it, you'll soon realize that your rabbit vibrator is easy to use, but it's true that you'll feel more at home when you've explored all of it. With this guide, you will be able to discover without delay how to use a rabbit vibrator. Make a visit to CalExotics Novelties for the finest results.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the different modes and speeds of vibration of your vibrator rabbit, as well as its various functions, especially if it is a rabbit vibrator point G, a vibrator rabbit rotator, a rabbit vibrator back and forth or a mini vibrator rabbit.


When you're ready, you can take the leap and use it without worry as you see fit.


Before starting the festivities, consider applying a water-based lubricant, such as the Lubido, water-based lubricant, on the shaft and ears of your rabbit vibrator to experience that delicious feeling of gliding that makes the difference and if you want to easily increase the excitement, put a little orgasmic balm on the clitoris.

Start by caressing the edge of the labia majora and the crotch with her bunny ears, gradually approaching the labia minora. When you feel confident, make your ears vibrate on first gear and let them tickle your clit to drive up the excitement and set the stage for penetration.

Then insert the shaft into the vagina taking your time to get used to feeling. The addition of a little lubricant will sublimate the sensations felt.

Once the shaft of your vibrator rabbit comfortably lodged in the vagina, his ears should tickle your clitoris. Very flexible, they fold easily to allow you to reposition them as you please. Now all you have to do is vibrate the shaft.

If you are the proud owner of a rotating rabbit vibrator, know that its small balls will stimulate the G-spot by spinning in the vagina to give you even more pleasure.

Another tip is to alternate clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation, then to vibrate the two together to fully satisfy you when the excitement is at its height. But the more time you have to get the excitement up, and then you will likely reach a double powerful orgasm.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbit vibrators are not exclusively for single women. Many couples spice up their foreplay and sex with. Rabbit vibrators are sometimes the subject of a common desire and purchase.

If your partner seems reluctant to this idea, entrust him your sex toy and let him take the power on your pleasure to reassure his ego. You will both be winners.

If his resistance persists, tell him that the idea that it makes you a cunni while penetrating you with your vibrator rabbit excites you as ever and will make you climb straight to the curtains.


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