How to Tease Your Backdoor

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How to Tease Your Backdoor?





Backdoor sex is a very pleasurable experience, for both men and women. However, just remember these important points, and your job on how to tease will be a lot easier!




During foreplay, while kissing quickly pull back and pause when your partner goes to kiss you. Then simply smile or laugh a bit. Your partner should eventually pick up on the game and will then do the same to you, pulling back while your going for a kiss, and then laughing lightly. This game can go back and forth and is great priming for sexual intimacy to come. You can carry this game on even into the final frontier. Slowly becoming intimate, then pulling back, and then resuming.




Before backdoor sex begins, whisper to your partner how you've been thinking about him or her during the day. And then go further and describe a particular act that you couldn't stop thinking about performing, and how couldn't wait to get together with her or her to perform it. This simple technique can run circles around foreplay as far as priming or heating up a situation before actual backdoor intimacy.




The mental picture which is created is incredible: the thought that your partner has been thinking about you throughout the day, not to mention dreaming of being with you, while describing the specifics!Game play and teasing accomplishes added degrees of eroticism, intimacy, and variety, all of which are essential for a strong and exciting intimate relationship.




Lubricants are the most important thing you can have when you are going for backdoor tease. Unlike the vagina, the back canal does not produce lubricants on its own. For this reason, it is preferable that you use one. Make sure you get a silicon based one though. This is because lubes like Vaseline tend to clog the canal.




Anticipation is one of the best foreplay you can give her. Arousing her with various tease and caresses will make sure she is ready for you. If you do not do this, she will only feel pain when you enter her there. Make it pleasurable for both of you, with lots of lovemaking and seduction. After all, that is the only thing that can make it good for you also!




There is no alternative to clean sex. A condom is always a good idea when you go for the backdoor sex. It prevents diseases and avoids a lot of discomfort for her if you don't leave your 'remnants 'there after all that pleasure!




There are certain things you should NEVER do. Never ever put your organ into her rear without her permission. She is not an object, so don't treat her like one. If she has agreed to go through all that for your pleasure, respect her and her body for it. Never ejaculate inside her unless you have her permission. Don't be forceful in there, no matter how excited you are.lts all part of the tease.




It need not be about you all the time. Let her give you a hand up your rear too. It can be one of the most amazing of experiences for you. Remember these easy backdoor tease sex tips and let it be pleasurable, for both of you. Now you know how to improve on your tease backdoor-sex life. 




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