Tips for cleaning latex clothing

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Tips for cleaning latex clothing



When you are cleaning latex, you should apply caution. Although latex might be waterproof, water can still get inside it since it is also porous. Translucent latex may appear hazy, and after sweating or washing you may notice pale patches. This, however shouldn’t make you worried, all you have to do is simply leave it to get dried thoroughly, maybe overnight. The normal color will surely return after you allow it dry thoroughly. Note that latex tends to become weaker when wet, so be very careful when you are handling washed latex or removing sweaty latex clothing. Below are tips for taking care of your latex. 






When cleaning latex, do not squeeze or strain. Allow it to drain after washing over the bath or on the washing line, depending or which one you use.



The best way to dry is outdoors on a washing line. However, you should avoid exposing your latex to direct excessive sunlight because it can make the color to fade away. Dry in the shade or on a cloudy day with much breeze.



First of all, allow the latex dry right side out. Then to get the inside dry, turn inside out. For better result, repeat the two steps again. With time, you will get to know what works best for you in cleaning latex. If for one reason or the other you cannot dry outdoors, perform the same procedure, but indoors. In addition, patting the fabrics with a towel can make things faster.



There are people that use a radiator to dry, but it is not a recommended option. If in a hurry, using a hair dryer for cleaning latex can be beneficial, but in doing this, you should ensure that the glued seams aren’t under tension. Using a hair dryer is good for inside pockets and the likes, but be careful not to burn yourself, since this method is not highly recommended.



Preparing for storage



Congrats! Your latex is now clean and dry. If your latex is chlorinated, then you don’t have to worry about sticking to itself, and you can go ahead to store it. However, latex that aren’t chlorinated usually stick to themselves, and this is something you don’t wish for.



In cleaning latex, if your fabric isn’t chlorinated you will need lube, powder and other dressing aids to coat your latex so that when storing, it doesn’t get self-stuck. The big issue here is that if you allow it stick to itself and you keep it that way for long, it may tear if you try to separate it in future.  






There are many options for storing your latex clothing and it all boils down to your choice and what you have at hand.



Using unpainted wooden or plastic hangers that have nice sweeping curves and without sharp edges to hang your latex is the most common method.



You can use air and lightproof bags for storage. Even though you can store more many items in a bag, you shouldn’t mix dark colors with light ones. Also, use tissue paper or other items to cover up any metal parts that during storage are likely to come in contact with pale latex.



If you store your latex in a bag, then a suitable place to keep it is in a drawer or cupboard. If what you use is a hanger, then hang on a rail. Ensure that the space for storage is dry, cool and dark. these are some tips for cleaning latex. Never let your latex run out of shine!



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