The Perfect Usage of the Rabbit Vibrator

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The Perfect Usage of the Rabbit Vibrator


Rabbit? Rabbit? What is the difference apart from naming a vibrator in English or French? Absolutely none. In fact, vibrators developing rabbit ears are called Rabbits or Rabbits. But, if the Rabbits make us think directly of vibrating dildos augmented by small ears aiming at soliciting the clitoris, the Rabbits integrate another category of vibrators, more fun, also smaller, and (almost) exclusively clitoral. Here is an overview of rabbit vibrators perfectly developing the image of the Rabbit. entice-isabella-calexotics


The rabbit vibrator: Flare Bunny


Not necessarily the best known vibrator, but undeniably the one who draws the most beautiful bunny ears. With a very contemporary design, it is completely covered with silicone. This greatly facilitates the maintenance of the toy, while delivering maximum softness. In addition to its originality, the ears of the sexton of Luz allow clitoral stimulation and / or research of the point G. An engine in each ear, and multiple possibilities.

Flexible, stylish, with LEDs for a more funky fun, the Flare Bunny is also fully waterproof and rechargeable. You can now replace your duck with a rabbit in the bathtub. Note that the object is 16 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter. Of course, it's not a wired vibrating dildo. It will inevitably lack power compared to a magic wand. But it is tailor-made for those who like to take their time, quietly, with tenderness, psychology and imagination. An ideal toy for a particular intimate moment.


The Hello Rabbit


Here we have to do to a stylized rabbit. In the vein of vibrating dildos with their ears, the Rabbit Hello has a way to wish you the good day. Like a usual Rabbit vibrator, it has a "tube" insert able into the vagina. But he is not like the others. Its shape, its drawn curves fit perfectly to the depth of the vagina while vibrating on the point G. Its ears are also stylized, to make only one branch that stimulates the clitoris.

Compared to a classic Rabbit vibrator, The Rabbit Hello has three engines. And yes, you read correctly. Three engines. One for the vagina, one for the clitoris, and another specifically developed for the G-spot. You will have the choice between 14 types of vibrations, 8 progressive and 6 alternatives. Which leaves you an impressive number of combinations to have fun? A real revolution, because its specificities combined with its power make it a sexton of the most effective. However, the Hello Rabbit is rechargeable and therefore normally necessarily less powerful than Wand wired. But despite all, its 21 cm in length and 3.6 cm in width will take you to the land of wonders...


The Jelly Rabbit vibrating ring


The vibrating rings are sextons for couples, often simple and without artifice. But this one offers us a particular form. For starters, the Jelly Rabbit ring is transparent. And then, it comes with a very small rabbit whose ears are designed to delight the clitoris of women while men maintains his erection to the strongest. The design of the object is most interesting. The Rabbit, surmounting the penis ring, bows in front of the private parts of Madame, to better provide him with additional pleasure during the sexual act. Well thought out, and well done. In addition, the object is very affordable price, and it will satisfy all couples looking for a little more in their sexual relations. A beautiful wedding to wear at the pleasure.


The Bunny Love Maro Kawaii 6


Bunny Love is already well known. Here is a totally waterproof version, all silicone and phthalate free to better preserve the softness and health of your privacy. A design reminiscent of Russian dolls, but inside, no other vibrators, an engine with the ability to model 8 levels of vibration. Rechargeable via USB, the Bunny Love wedges your clitoris between her ears and makes you plunge with happiness and pleasure, wherever you are. Barely longer than a tube of lipstick, 5 cm wide, the object is cute and easily carried in his pocket or in his purse. A charming sexton that awakens both curiosity and orgasm...


The Mini Orgasmic Ball Vibrator


Some may argue that this toy does not look like a rabbit, even miniature. It is true that it is not presented as such in any case. Nevertheless, the Mini Ball Vibrator Orgasmic, very small, as the name suggests, has two ears, certainly in the form of balls, but close to the stylized image that can be made of rabbit. Like its congeners, it recharges via USB and its rotation speeds are modulated according to 8 modes. Totally waterproof, it will delight his ladies (or these gentlemen) who like to solicit their erogenous zones in their bath or shower.

The Mini Orgasmic Ball Vibrator can be used by both men and women. Each for him, or to have fun and stimulate little erogenous zones of his partner's up during the foreplay for example. To each one's sexuality. To each his Mini Vibrator Ball Orgasmic.

Aside from these toys with a special design, soft, soft feel and user-recognized performance, Rabbit vibrators are also referred to as Rabbits vibrators. These vibrators are always designed according to the same model; a vibrating dildo, more or less realistic, topped with rabbit ears on one side. These last are more or less long or stylized. But the goal of each of these toys is to provide both a vaginal pleasure and a clitoral pleasure, simultaneously. And that's why Rabbit vibrators (or Rabbits) are still today among the most requested and the most sold in the world. Because, unlike many men, they know how to provide intense pleasure to women.

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