Green sex toys of St Patrick’s Day to remember

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Green sex toys of St Patrick’s Day to remember




Like many other forms of carnival, St. Patrick's Day is a party. For most Irish Americans, this holiday is partly religious but overwhelmingly festive. For most Irish citizens in Ireland, the day has nothing to do with religion. St. Patrick's Day church services are followed by parades and parties, of which the latter is best followed. St Patrick celebrations are marked by Irish music, songs and dances.

St. Patrick's Day is an official celebration celebrated by the Irish Diaspora around the world and involves public parades, festivals, ceilidhs, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks.

If you're looking for naughty fun after you've had traditional festive celebrations, we came up with a list of themed sex toys St. Patrick's Day both for women and men to remember the evening as more enjoyable party.



Climax silicone vibrating bullet from Top Co



Climax Silicone Vibrating Bullet




The Climax Silicone Vibrating Love Bullet has a unique shape making this pleasure toy a good handheld vibrator and with its sensational ridges will give you more vibrations than expected. The vibrating bullet is made of smooth silicone sleeve making it a more tantalizing toy giving yourself more stimulation for the climax. Themed green colour makes it perfect for naughty fun with sex toys of St Patrick's Day.



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Clone a willy glow in the dark kit from Empire Labs


Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark Kit




This toy has been around on the market for some while now and many of you are aware of it, but never tried it. Now you have the chance to try a phosphorescent green sex toy in the upcoming event of St Patrick’s festival.
Clone a Willy Glow into the Dark Kit is your perfect chance to try a realistic penis moulded according to your preferences. The vibrator can be your man’s penis and have a lot of fun while making a clone after his penis or you can make it in any shape you want as long the vibrator fits in.



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Cloneboy glow in the dark from Cloneboy series

Cloneboy Glow In The Dark




Cloneboy Glow into the Dark is one of the most known kits worldwide now days. Glow into the Dark Edition allows you immortalize your penis as a silicone dildo that glows when light are off.

After the success of first Cloneboy series, the creative minds behind the brand developed a completely new edition. With the silicone impression you eternalize your best piece in its most beautiful form, which can even be seen in the night. Make an impression mould in just a few minutes using the 3D gel and then fill it with silicone rubber. The included penis ring helps that you remain firm during the form-taking. Then let the silicone dildo harden for 24 hours and the original copy of your penis is ready.

The 3D gel is included twice in the set, if the first impression fails as desired and a second impression form must be made.

Fun on St Patrick’s Day is guaranteed!

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Basix rubber works glow in the dark dildo from Pipedream


Basix Rubber Works Glow In the Dark Dildo




The Basix Rubber Dildo is a realistic dong with suction cup base, gifted with veins and ridges that feel great and glow into the night. Pipedream thought of a new twist in a classic toy of pleasure to bring you the best possible rubber from the US. This is another great sex toy option for your festival night.



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Climax silk touch egg vibrator from Top Co


Climax Silk Touch Egg Vibrator




Climax Silk Touch Egg Vibrator has six different intensities and even allows you to create your own vibe pattern for more intensify sensations. This mini vibrator will make you reach climax with its silk touch and blow away your mind. It has a curvy shape for more stimulation and will give you more unique sensations than seems at first glance.



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Glow in the dark silicone penis extension


Glow In The Dark Silicone Penis Extension




This penis extension is soft which make feelings more life-like sensations. It has ribbed surface for extra pleasure and nodules for thrilling stimulation. Enjoy the chance of extra fun with phosphorescent green sex toys feature in St Patrick’s night.



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Key Stella II Double kegel ball set from Jopen


Jopen Key Stella II Doubel Kegel Ball Set




Finally a pleasure toy that isn’t pink or purple! We're sure we're not the only one thinking about it. Key Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set comes with a set of 3 silicone balls and a holster which is quite unusual for a green sex toy. The kegal balls design is made for greater stimulation of pelvic muscles in kegel exercises. Once they are in, they will apply pressure on your Gspot and will roll around with every step. Key Stella II Double Kegel Ball can be wormed up, is body-safe, hygienic and great value for money. In other words it stands as great option for your kegel exercises.



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Juicy Jewels Emerald Exciter vibrator from Pipedream


Juicy Jewels Emerald Exciter Vibrator




Juicy Jewels Collection from Pipedream has its diversity among vibrators and varies in shapes and colours. This emerald exciter falls into our green theme adult toys of Paddy's day and has in common with the other toys in the collection Juicy Jewels the ease with which it can be used multi-speed function controlled with a twist from base case. Considering the cheap price you can get a lot of features and benefit from super soft vibrator which is waterproof and can be used in or out of the water. More than that this cheap vibrator has bendable shaft which will curve to your body and allows you to pinpoint your clitoris area or massage the G-spot.



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Insignia Isla turquoise waterproof rechargeable vibrator from Lelo


Lelo Insignia Isla Turquoise Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator




Insignia Isla Vibrator, unlike the one before, it's not a cheap sex toy but a premium adult toy. This vibrator is sleek and iconic look has average dimensions, it is stylish and your experience with it will be timeless. The unique handle with finger loop is perfect for effortlessly control, making it easy to guide it even under water pleasuring you and stimulating erogenous zones. Insignia Isla has six powerful pleasure vibe settings and you do not have to worry about batteries because it is rechargeable. Isla even at maximum power will remain discreet without disturbing you with the vibration noise. Trying this in Paddy's night you will find your faithful bedfellow.



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Passion Mesh green body suit from Passion lingerie


Passion Mesh Green Body Suit




With this bodysuit give your look a sexy green themed touch for Paddy's night. This sexy lingerie is fine-mesh dress with thin straps like a fishnet that will surprise your partner's look allowing him to see your naked sexy shapes. Don’t forget this body suite is taunting and the purpose is to provoke him, increase his passion, to lose his temper and why not tear it while wearing it to reach the „forbidden fruit”.



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Cabaret Wig green long from Cabaret Wigs


Cabaret Wig Green Long




You may not be the fan of hats, and then your wig will keep your back. This cabaret wig you may or you may not like, but you have to admit that for a full themed green festival party like St. Patrick is perfect and completes the evening's collection. Just do not forget that after all it's a wig and the sudden movements can leave you without "hair on your head". You certainly do not need to turn the evening into an epic failure!



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Green scissor nipple clamps with metal chain from Rimba


Green Scissor Nipple Clamps With Metal Chain




Nipple clamps are most underrated pleasure sex toys. Nipples are one of the erogenous areas of our bodies and when it comes around soft bondage almost all of can agree that we like it. These clamps shaped in scissor can stimulate the very sensitive nipple area triggering stimulation while squeezing it and create a pressure sensation for a plus adventurous green themed Paddy’s night.



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Pillow Talk Flirty rechargeable bullet teal from BMS


Pillow Talk Flirty Rechargeable Bullet Teal




This bullet massager is a beautifully designed sex toy, quite simply to use and comes into the range of pillow sex toys because of its mini size and prettiness. Pillow talk Flirty is made of seductive green silicone which emphasises the glance of feminism and elegance. This small massager remains a great option for spontaneous sessions and fits well in the travel bag when you are in a trip.  The mini massager is designed to find your sweet sports with precise. Forget about batteries, the toy comes with rechargeable power and above that the toy comes with a Swarovski crystal design for a bit extra styling.



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Rainbow bullet Vibrator from Rocks Off


Rainbow Bullet Vibrator




Forget about Leprechaun treasure hunt in St. Patrick's Day. All you need is to hold this beautiful rainbow bullet vibrator by a side and reach the climax on the other side. Soon the golden coins will pop out of your mind like popcorn! This bullet vibrator is a special edition range of colors and had won multi-awards for its features. It is small enough to fit in a small handbag which allows you to have a clitoris loyal partner with you at all times even when used fully underwater. Even if it does not have as many colors as a rainbow, the seven vibration settings will remind you the path to the Leprechaun treasure.



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Tiffany Opulent Pleasures bullet from Rocks Off


Rocks Off Tiffany Opulent Pleasures Bullet




Tiffany Opulent Pleasures Bullet is a sex toy looking like it's coming from the future. The bullet has a strange shape for an adult toy, and its conical shape makes Tiffany come out of the classic toy category, with its opulent sight pattern. Actually this is one of the cheapest green sex toys available and comes with its luxurious style, ten stimulation functions and 100% waterproof.



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RO80 Bullet glow in the dark from Rocks Off


Rocks Off RO80 Bullet Glow In The Dark




RO80 Bullet massager is part of the cheap toys category, actually stays as a bargain sex toy for its price. RO80 Bullet had its time among the most popular toys and still can do a great job with its seven stimulation settings, fully waterproof and the green aspect into the night which makes it ideal for a cheap complementary costume in St. Patrick night.



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Positive rechargeable mini vibrator from Screaming O


Screaming O Positive Rechargeable Mini Vibrator




Have you ever had a lipstick sex toy? We mean a pleasure toy same length as a lipstick, which has a firm inclination for specific application like a lipstick feature. If not then this toy is the reason you should have one. Positive is a small sized toy, a mini vibrator or bullet, can be easily hidden and conveyed in a small bag or travel bag, can be considered a pillow toy, it is fully waterproof, green is an unusual color for adult toy, simple yet efficient. What did we miss? Oh... the most impressive part the Positive mini vibrator has 20 functions! Yes you read right twenty vibe settings for deep, rumbling and penetrating vibrations plus the angled tip designed to pinpoint all its power for your pleasure offering a versatile play.



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Kama 7 Speed bullet from Rocks Off


Rocks Off Kama 7 (Seven) Speed Bullet




Kama bullet is comfortable, discrete and unintimidating toy which will make you have more adventurous experiences provided from seven speed settings and designed for internal and external usage with confidence. This bullet also has another unusual, light green colour themed with St. Patrick’s Day festival. Kama is perfect for beginners and has a sleek design and slim shaft. The silicone sleeve can easily be taken off only for the bullet’s tip to be used for clitoral stimulation and multiple orgasms!



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As summary


With all these green sex toys themed for St. Patrick’s Day, you will look both festive and sexy, and ready to get some awesome sexual experience.

Will you war green apparel, use some green accessories and green sex toys or maybe all three? Be sure to check out all of our St. Patrick’s Day proposals and maybe share with us some of your St. Paddy’s Day fun.

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