Tips for buying Latex clothing for women

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Tips for buying Latex clothing for women



Your wild sexual fantasies are fulfilled through latex. Latex makes a killer fashion statement, enabling you fully express your kinky desires. Are you in search of tips for buying latex clothing for women? If yes, then you’re right on spot. Latex garments are generally classified into two, namely glued and molded.



Glued latex refers to pieces of latex that are measured, cut into different sizes and then glued together. One good thing about glued latex is that they fit more precisely. In addition, they polish to a higher shine and the shapes they are made of are more sexy.



On the other hand, when it comes to molded latex, molds are filled with liquid rubber for the purpose of making one whole garment. The good thing about molded latex is that they are harder to tear or puncture since they are slightly thicker and tougher. Also, they are less expensive and very popular.



Which latex type should I go for?



When it comes to latex clothing for women, many women new to latex clothing seem a bit confused as to which to go for. Well, for those new to latex, it would be wise begin with molded fabrics. Why? This is because they are very thick, and it usually last long before they begin to fade. However, one disadvantage is that that you will have to wriggle your way when putting it on and also when removing since they hardly have fasteners or zips.



Which latex size should I go for?



It is true that rubber is highly elastic and it flattens bumps and lumps. This is a really superb quality because it gives you a smoother silhouette. Manufacturers of rubber clothing always take stretch into consideration when working on size. So anytime you are shopping for latex clothing for women, go for your normal size, nothing extra or less. For example, if your size is 12-14, buy the size with a label to fit a size 12-14, nothing more, nothing less. You may be surprised to find it a bit smaller than you are when it arrives, but that is alright, and you shouldn’t be worried.



Generally, your latex measurement should a bit smaller than you, about 2-3 inches. This will ensure that it gives you a romantic skintight fit. As a woman, you can get a bit more squeeze factor out of your boobs, mostly if there is a zip upfront. Therefore, without flattening your chest, up to four (4) inches smaller than the complete measurement of your boobs should be ok.



Are you still not sure it will fit? If yes, then measure the hips, waist, chest, and all the important points of your new latex clothing, then measure yourself. If you still think it is too small or too big after measuring it, you can always contact us for a different size.



Latex is extremely erotic, as it always makes you hot and irresistible. We have different types of latex clothing for women such as Latex Mini Dress and Latex Mini Skirt, which will surely add more adventure in the bedroom.



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