Tips on using cleaning spray for latex clothes

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Tips on using cleaning spray for latex clothes



One unique feature of latex that makes it stand out is the shine, therefore ensure that you use quality cleaning spray for latex. Latex, which is a rubber-like fabric, can be damaged even with the smallest cut, as a little cut can cause continuous tear. You should keep your latex away from heat, sharp objects, oils and solvents. In addition, you should be mindful of the cleaning spray for latex you use because latex is highly temperamental.



In cleaning your latex, you will need a soft clean cloth and also silicone lubricant. Don’t just use any type of cleaning spray for latex, rather use a product that is specially made to shine latex clothes. There are lots of special purpose silicone lubricant to shine your latex, however, with most silicone lubricants, what you will get is a wet look which doesn’t leave a greasy film on the fabric. For a quick shine, a silicone spray is ideal; however, the spray is harsh, therefore ensure that you apply it outdoors.



Apply plenty silicone lubricant to the cloth, then gently coat the garment with the silicone. The fabric is delicate, so don’t rub hard because if you do, you may damage the surface. Uniformly spread the silicone over the garment.



Use clear light to check your work, and if you find any unpolished spot, touch it up. Your latex glows better when you shine it more. For a better luster, apply the silicone severally, since the latex will absorb the silicone lubricant.





Products containing petroleum aren’t good for your latex since the oil will eat through your garment.



Selecting the right latex polish



Latex polish is used to make latex clothing shiny. When you look for a latex polish to buy, you will find many polish brands that are sold in spray bottles or cans.


You shouldn’t use any type of cleaning spray for latex clothes because some types of sprays will damage it. Stay away from products that contain organic solvents, oils, and petroleum distillates because with time they will dissolve latex and shorten the life span of latex garments.



Polishes safe for latex



By now, you should know that not all polishes are safe for latex, therefore you should go for latex safe polishes. The type of polishes good for latex can be classified into two types:



  • Water with waxes or silicone in suspension


  • Silicone oil



Silicone oils come with different chemical names and in different forms. Cyclomethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane, and Dimethicone are among those that won’t cause harm when they come in contact with skin.



There are certain types of personal lubricants that are silicone-based in which Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) and other oils like Gun Oil, and newer batches of ID Millenium that will damage latex are part of the formula used in making them. 



Most polishes the latex community uses are not suitable for lengthy contact with the skin. This is because they are ideal for non-health related industries such the automobile industry.


Generally, silicone oils in squeezable bottles and water-based polishes that are packed in pump spray bottles are considered to be safe.


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