Area, area, area - public places

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Area, area, area - public places


We are always yearning to have better relationships, better romance, mind-blowing orgasms and amazing sexual experience. Having sex in public places is a fantasy in many peoples minds, as it brings the creativity out of the normal sexual routines and brings out boredom by trying different is usually a very memorable experience regardless of whether you just had a quickie, you had an organism and you were lucky enough not to get caught or maybe getting into trouble for it.


Outdoors makes sexual partners get out of their comfort zones and try something kinkier by trying something different in their sexual life.However, caution should always be put first as you should always put safety measures first.Notably, some of the sexual fantasies should remain just that"fantasies" and avoid in real life.

Lets look at some of the public places that can spark up your sexual experience.


1.Fitting rooms: This works best in large clothing stores .the beauty of fitting rooms is that there are no cameras around,the timing should be good so that there are few people in the store notably during opening hours.The room with the mirrors is the most ideal you get to see yourselves getting naughty.


2.Empty lecture rooms: This is for college guys who have that fantasy of smashing that new crush in the school compound.You should however double check the class is free of lectures and bolt up the doorjust to prevent those surprise pop-ups by other students.


3.Movie theater: In order to bring out the best in this you must choose the time that the theaters are usually not crowded, the ideal movie is the one with loud noises so as to cover up for the moans.Reverse cowgirl just works magic in the theater.


4.ln the car: Take out your car to a place with low or no movement of people ideally at night.Use the passenger's site to avoid accidentally beeping the horn on the driver's seat. Due to the limitation of space "girl on top" is the ideal sex position.


5.Hiking or adventure: If you want to have that wild experience this is soo amazing forget about those romantic candlelight dinners for a minute.while exploring the wild of the unknown why not get to make love in a place with so many sexual adventuring spots against a tree, on a hill looking at nature or listening to the sound of the waterfall as you bring out those moans.You should carry a blanket with you and double check to ensure no creature climbs on you.


6.During events: Events brings out a very big connection between people.You can just sneak into the bathroom or a secluded area and boom after some few minutes you are back to the event with more than you had come for.


7.0n the beach: Women love having sex at the best atmospheres, find a place with sand but avoid the salty water as it makes the woman dry .also lay something on the ground to avoid getting sticky in unwanted areas.


8.The backyard: This is safe there are extremely low chances of getting caught.You can put up a private tent for a more romantic experience.also, you can spice up this by using the stairs which works perfectly for the "doggy style" position.



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