Area, area, area - private places

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Area, area, area - private places


Sex is a way we express how much we love our significant other. That is why, it is actually very important to find diversity in the way it is performed. And so, couples find many ways to make love to each other. By not only changing positions, you can try getting a more fresh point of view by changing the place you have sex in.

While having sex in a public place can make your blood pump and give you an adrenaline rush, at times it makes it uncomfortable for the people around you. So, what most people do is try to not get caught, but end up failing. 

That is why, we have written an article on some wild but private places where you can have sex. Because no

matter what you do or try, it does not make it any less awkward for both parties when you do get caught while making love.


1.ln a car


This is the most private place you can find outdoors. We have all seen movies where they have sex in the car parked somewhere, while it rains. And everyone deserves to live that fantasy!


As cliché of a fantasy as it may be, making love in your car is more romantic than it seems. Even though there are many people that say having sex in a car isn't exactly comfortable, it actually depends on the right positions, so try to be creative. Not only that, it gives you a personal space but outside your house. So in a sense, it is like having the best of both worlds.


2.A lonely park


A park usually is crowded; and mostly, it’s crowded with kids. So, yes, it really may not seem like the best idea. But there are certain times when even parks are not crowded with kids. And it does not necessarily have to be at night. If you have watched the movie “Life After Beth”, you know exactly what we're talking about.

There are specific times of the day when parks are deserted like during school hours or lunchtimes.


So, if you have a park in your neighbourhood, find the times it stays lonely. And then, just take your significant other and give them the time of their life!


3.ln the bathroom


When we say bathroom, we do not mean the bathroom at your place. If you're at a friend’s place, at a restaurant or at a boring event with the love of your life beside you looking fabulous as hell, DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY.


Take them to the bathroom and rock their world. Making love in the bathroom is more interesting than it sounds. There are many positions you can get creative with. Not only that, the experience is different with every bathroom size, so it never gets old!


4.ln a hotel


A hotel is as private as it gets. Although it may seem like home, sex in a hotel room is something you can experiment with. You can ask your suite to be decorated a certain way. Some couples prefer a honeymoon suite which is decorated in a sensual way as well. Also, there are suites with mirrors on the ceiling, which is a new experience for most couples.


To keep things interesting, many couples even consider role-playing leading to the best sex ever along with a romantic night out in that hotel.


5.At the movies


There are many couples who make out or try having sex when the theatre is crowded. This actually makes people very uncomfortable. So if you do want to have sex at the movies, it is necessary to check if the theatre is crowded before trying anything sexual. If the theatre is, in fact, crowded, then it is better to wait for another time.


While having sex at the movies, it is also important to keep it down. Even if there are like five people in the theatre, it is very important you stay as quiet as you can.



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