Essential Condom Facts You Don't Know

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Essential Condom Facts You Don't Know


For some, the subject of sex can be taboo, but it's not necessary. Sex is something that happens every day around the world, whether you're homosexual, heterosexual, young, or mature; we all have sex at some point in their lives, whether it is by recreation or procreation. When it comes to having sex, security is the key to protecting yourself and your partner.


Essential facts about the condom that you do not know


To be as safe as possible against sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancy, you should use a condom whenever you participate in sex. We all know condoms and you can also be aware of the different types of condoms that are available in the market right now. You may think that you have a good education about condoms and practicing safer sex, but condoms play a key role in protecting all aspects of our sex life:


Protection and prevention


As many people know, condoms are essential to prevent the spread of STIs (Sexually transmitted infections) that can be contracted through the exchange of bodily fluids. They are also crucial to protect themselves from HIV and popular belief: You cannot get HIV from an infected partner when you use a condom unless the condom failsto protect you. That's why it's important to check your condom expiration dates and only use lubricants with compatible condoms.


Some STIs and HIV can be transmitted through oral sex and penetrating sex, so help protect yourself even more by using a condom during oral sex. We are often worried about infecting STIs through the exchange of sperm or vaginal secretions, but some STIs can also spread through skin contact. Unless you are reasonable enough to use a condom, you may have diseases like syphilis, genital warts, and herpes, which may remain inactive in some people, so they do not show any visible signs of illness.


The Bursts of Condoms


Many fear that their condom breaks easily unless treated with great care. Condoms made of materials such as latex are designed to withstand high tension, but all condoms are carefully tested to understand their durability. If you are concerned about low condoms, be sure to buy only certified condoms as tested.


Condom Lubrication


Most condoms are lubricated, either with oil or water, to reduce friction and breakage. If you tend to have vigorous sexual activity, water-based lubricants are recommended because oil lubricants can reduce the elasticity of latex condoms and can slip. Non-lubricated kinds are accessible for this who's receptive to lubricating fluids.


In addition to lubricants, some condoms also contain a small amount of nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal compound that efficiently helps prevent pregnancy. However, recent researchers have confirmed that it may not be as efficient as other compounds in preventing HIV infection. Another substance added to specific products is benzocaine, which slightly numbs the penis and provides a prolonged erection, by deceiving the extension of sexual activity and prolonging the couple's satisfaction.

In Conclusion


To maintain safety at all times, you should always change your condom if you are having sex during sex and still after ejaculation. Continuing with a used condom can break it, which can lead to pregnancy or STIs transfer.



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